The country’s health minister says that Argentina is facing the ‘worst moment of the epidemic’

The country's health minister says that Argentina is facing the 'worst moment of the epidemic'

Minister of Health Argentina, Carla Vizzoti, Said on Wednesday (21) that the country is facing “the worst moment of the epidemic”. He defended Make population health a priority While the prefect Buenos Aires try Prevent schools from closing (Read more in the report).

At a news conference, Vizzotti said, “Argentina is experiencing the worst moment of the pandemic since March 3 of last year. It is the biggest risk.”

Argentina has already registered, since the onset of the epidemic, More than 2.7 million cases Confirmed from COVID-19. Country reaches sad mark on Wednesday 60 thousand killed Causes of Disease Complications – 316 in the last 24 hoursAccording to the official state bulletin.

a Capture ICU beds By patients of Kovid-19 in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires – where a third of the country’s population with a population of about 45 million lives – Already reaches 75%.

“We need to prioritize and evaluate health over policy, prioritize collective risk,” the minister said. “There is a risk of overflow of the health system.”

Vizotti’s speech was made in connection with an offensive led by the Mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Laretta, who Unlike temporary closure of schools – He took the matter to court.

Photograph of a school in Buenos Aires on February 17, 2021 – Photo: Daniel Dabov / Telam / AFP

Against the closure of schools

Rodriguez, who belongs to the center-right party Republican proposal – Opponent of Left Alliance In front of everyone, The one who controls the country – is against the closure of schools.

Mayor of buenos aires Ordered to reopen educational institutions Challenging the decision of the presidency of the country – on the basis of a court decision.

Government of Alberto Fernandez Ordered to apply for remote classes for a period of 15 days Decreased circulation of people in Argentine capital.

New restrictive measures in Argentina

New restrictive measures in Argentina

Laretta believes that “schools are not contagious” and justifies his opposition to the fact that in a case to “decide the city has autonomy” Must be resolved by supreme court.

“It is not about the personal risk of attending classes, but the collective risk of an urban group with rapid community transmission and accelerated movement of the virus,” the minister explained.

President’s order also ordered Restricts the spread to the metropolitan area From Buenos Aires between 8:00 am and 30 April from 6:00 am.

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