Democrats submitted impeachment request against Trump. world

Democrats submitted impeachment request against Trump.  world

Representatives of the Democratic Party submitted, this Monday (11), A. Request for impeachment against the President Donald Trump In which he accused her of inciting rebellion – which ended last Wednesday Capitol invasion From Us.

The request argues that Trump’s speeches will be with his supporters just before the invasion Encouraged violent action against representatives of the legislative branch From USA.

Democrats submit impeachment request against Trump

Earlier, Republicans in the Chamber of Deputies Rejected a motion for Vice President Mike Pence to speed up the 25th amendment According to the US Constitution – Trump’s removal from the US presidency.

As the objection was, the Recommendation will be submitted again on Tuesday (12) With the presence of full plenary.

The decision to proceed with the procedures provided in The 25th amendment is not taken by the legislatureIt should be triggered by Pence, with the support of most members of the presidential cabinet.

still Action may be taken by trump, In a letter to Congress. Permanent removal of the mandate requires the approval of a two-thirds majority of Congress – 67 senators and 290 delegates.

If convicted, Trump will lose the benefits given to former presidents, and senators can Vote to lose your political rights permanently. No US President was impeached after leaving office.

According to the American broadcaster NBC, attorneys are divided on impeachment after the term ends: a group says it is Unconstitutional, The other will be Is allowed if he passed the Chamber Before he leaves office and a third group argues that impeachment is Allowed at any time.

this is Request for second impeachment against Trump The request was made by the House Democrats, who accused the president of pushing Ukraine to investigate Biden in December 2019 – at that time The House approved with a majority but did not proceed Because the Republican-controlled Senate voted against it.

its It is possible that still Because the Senate remains under the control of Republicans, who – according to experts heard by the Reuters agency – should not accept the charges until the last day of his current term on January 19.

However, starting on January 20, the formation of a new Congress handed over the majority of the two chambers to the Democrats.

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