Denmark burns 40 million minks to stop strain

Denmark burns 40 million minks to stop strain

Denmark burns 6 million minks to contain the Kovid-19 mutation 5/26/2021 Reuters / Tim Barso

Photo: Reuters

a Denmark Started burned off This week 4 million mink Slaughtered for There are 19 strains of covid, But it began to emerge from mass graves, creating new health fears.

Last year, the Danish government decided Slaughter of all 16 million minks in the country To include a type because it was considered The possibility that the mammal will host future mutations.

Some were buried in wells under two meters of soil in a military area in western Denmark, but some of them returned to the surface in less than a month.

Later, through an examination conducted by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, contaminants were found under the pits, forcing the government to devour the animals.

Jacob Hartwig Simonsen, Chief Executive Officer of the ARC Waste Management Plant, said, “No virus should remain, but we burned more than a thousand degrees (Celsius), so if there was any virus left, it would surely disappear.” “

The contaminants had no relation to the coronaviruses, but were the result of the decomposition process.

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that minks are easily infected with Kovid-19, and the infection is exacerbated because they are produced in large quantities and kept in tight spaces.

All 4 million minks are to be burned by mid-July.

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