Denmark’s Mink Kovid crisis worsens This is what it means

Denmark's Mink Kovid crisis worsens  This is what it means

The development came just days after the Danish government planned to wipe out the entire Minkai population in the country to prevent its spread.

Denmark has between 15 and 17 million mins, with a human population of about 5.5 million.

The ban took effect at 4am on Saturday and means travelers from Denmark cannot enter the UK. British nationals returning home will be forced to separate for two weeks and, unlike other different conditions for travelers entering the UK, there will be no waiver.

The Prime Minister of Denmark, Meteo Frederickson, said on Wednesday that the decision to ban the dots was taken “with a heavy heart” but was based on a recommendation from health officials.

What has happened in Denmark?

Denmark announced that it would wipe out the entire human population when evidence was found that the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, after being passed by humans, had turned into mink. The new form was also found in humans, with 214 infections confirmed as of Friday.

The Danish government also announced sanctions for seven municipalities where new pressure was exerted. “The virus has turned into mink. The mutating virus has spread to humans,” Frederickson said.

He said the Copenhagen-based Danish Authority States Serum Institute, which deals with infectious diseases, had found five cases of the virus in mink farms and 12 in humans, with low susceptibility to antibodies. Allowing the virus to spread may limit the effectiveness of future vaccines.

Are Minks and Covid Problems in Other Countries?

Yes. Reuters reported 90,000 mink were killed in the summer after an outbreak on a farm in the summer, after which many human workers on the farm became infected. In June, Reuters also reported that there were 10,000 mother mink and about 50,000 mink puppies. Death of gas On a farm in the southern Dutch town of De Mortel, a large part of the country to walk close to 3,500.

What are they doing with all the mints?

The entire Danish Mink population needs to be brought under control quickly to prevent the spread of new mutations of the virus.

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If the coronavirus is mutating, will it affect the vaccines?

Not necessarily. The vaccine race that is currently underway around the world is to compete with Covid-19. What has been found in Mink is a mutation of Sarov-Cov-2, described by the World Health Organization as “the virus that causes Kovid-19.”

Speaking briefly on Friday, WHO epidemiologist Maria Van Kekhov warned that “changes are normal.”

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