Young collects money to help an ex-teacher who was rendered homeless

Young collects money to help an ex-teacher who was rendered homeless

A young man from the state of California in the United States discovers that his former substitute teacher became homeless during the Kovid-19 epidemic. Touched by the situation, he raised 27 thousand dollars (about $ 153 thousand) to help the elderly financially – who were living in a car.

In an interview with KNTV, 77-year-old former professor Jose Villarruel said he was surprised to be helped by young 21-year-old Steven Nava.

Young Steven felt for several days that a man was sitting in a vehicle near his home earlier this month. The man was shocked when he saw it and realized that it was his former math substitute teacher.

Jose stopped teaching in May last year after closing classes for virtual education and the financial situation began to tighten. He said that, after resigning, he began receiving a monthly social security check. But the majority of the document was sent to his wife, who is ill, in Mexico.

“I was able to do all the paperwork to get my pension. I received my check [da previdência social], But that investigation did not last long because I already had a debt “, the former teacher reported.

To help Jose, his former student gave him a sum of $ 300 (R $ 1,600) and paid the man a hotel for an overnight stay. Then, the young man opened an account on the GoFundMe website, where he told the story of an elderly man and was successful in raising about R $ 153 thousand in donations.

The case was also shared by Steven on the social network TickTalk, where the former professor appears in the video receiving groceries and breakfast food.

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In another recording, Jose also receives a symbolic check from the Mayor of the City of Fontana, Aquanetta Warren, on his 77th birthday, which was celebrated on March 11, as a way to celebrate the donation.

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