Despite the growing number of cases in Italy, Sicily could be the next ‘island corridor’

Despite the growing number of cases in Italy, Sicily could be the next ‘island corridor’

T.These are the Caribbean islands where you can go (despite restrictions on arrival) without having to isolate yourself when you return to the UK:

1. Anguilla: pre-departure test

It may be open, but visitors to Anguilla have to go through a lot of hoops during their vacations.

Applications for login, created through, Must be updated with the negative PCR test taken three to five days before arrival. All arrivals are then checked on arrival, and then, ten days later. During the first ten days, holidaymakers are required to stay at their chosen accommodation, which may be a private villa, hotel or resort. Only after the second negative test can they move around Anguilla.

This process, however, is not cheap. Guests who meet the medical expenses associated with Covid-19 will not only be required to provide an insurance policy, but will also be charged $ 1000 (70,770) per person for a stay of less than three months. Fees include testing, health care and supervision required during your visit, and port and accommodation security. A total of 1,500 ((1,155)) will be charged from families up to four years

2. Antigua and Barbuda: Pre-departure test

All passengers 12 years of age or older who fly to Antigua and Barbuda, including those arriving in the country, must undergo a negative PCR test seven days prior to arrival. Must prove. Further medical check-ups are being conducted at VC Bird International Airport and further check-ups may be required upon arrival.

3: Barbados: Test before departure

All visitors must present evidence of a negative covid test conducted for more than 72 hours prior to arrival. Everyone coming from the UK must stay in an approved hotel (at their own expense) or in a government facility until they receive the results of the second negative test taken 2-3 days after arrival. . Once the second is clear, they are free to explore the island and leave the designated accommodation. They will also be asked to monitor their health and check-in with public health representatives by call or text.

4: Bermuda: Pre-departure test

All visitors from the UK will need to apply for a travel authority and take a pre-departure test.

5. St. Lucia: Test before departure

Passengers must give a positive test result seven days in advance. All arriving passengers will be screened at the airport, including temperature checks. Any symptomatic passengers will be isolated and tested. Travelers must stay in an approved resort.

6. St. Vincent and the Grenadines: pre-departure test

All travelers must complete a pre-query questionnaire If you are traveling from the UK, you must arrive with a negative test result five days before arrival. You need an SVG. There will be a response upon arrival and a 72-hour stay in a government-approved hotel is awaited clearance.

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