The man who tested 43 positive for covid says: ‘Both feet are in the grave’. Fabulous

The man who tested 43 positive for covid says: 'Both feet are in the grave'.  Fabulous

In 2018, the first serious health problem: cancer. In 2019, another fear: heart surgery. Coronavirus struck in March 2020 and retired Briton Dave Smith, 72, faced a new challenge. Once the cancer was controlled with heavy chemotherapy, with low immunity, he had the infection completely off the curve.

The first test was positive, the second one, the third same thing… Four months later, the story started to get weird: 15 tests had already been done and the virus had not gone away. In all, Dave was hospitalized seven times, lost 60 pounds, 43 tested positive. The agony lasted about a year: from April 2020 to March 2021.

Doctors are still not 100% sure how Dave got cured. They used experimental treatments that might have helped, and the case is being studied by scientists at the University of Bristol. The main challenge at this time is figuring out how the virus hides and mutates in the human body – and ultimately, how it infects a person for so long.

“I don’t want to go gliding, I don’t want to swim with dolphins, I just want to live my normal life. I am seeing more of my friends and spending more time with my wife, which was amazing,” says Dave Huh.

Learn more about Dave and his story above.

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