Dinho says he wanted to vote for Dayan and the pair discuss

Dinho says he wanted to vote for Dayan and the pair discuss

Dayan Melo and Dinho Alves Discussed during the formation of Second Form in “A Fazenda 13” (Record TV). The model was unhappy when the dancer said that her vote would actually go to her, but she could not signal it because she was in the stall.

Dinho votes for Aline and apologizes to the ex-Panicut and tells his aide that she can return the vote without any problems. Then he talked about Dayan, for whom his vote would go before the formation of the stall.

“She vetoed me for the rest of the game with Rodrigo Faro, so this week she managed to enter the stall, get votes and get rid of my vote. And, really, if you want to vote for me So you can vote for me too. […] Unfortunately, she managed to escape. When you took me out of Rodrigo Faro’s game, I expected a position from you, just like you always ask people for a position,” Dianho justified.

“You have a whole week to talk to me. You don’t have to talk about me, talk about your vote. You don’t have to talk, I don’t want to. I’m not your vote, so that’s why Talk about your vote,” Dayane replied.

Pawn said that his speech was directed at the model at the time, and Dayane responded by saying that he would vote for many, but that he would not talk about others during his speech. Dinho insisted that he expected a placement from Dayane when Pio pulled him out of a dynamic with Rodrigo Faro.

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Dayane responded by saying, “You didn’t vote for me? I got you out of the exam.” “You voted to end me, my love, what was I going to do?”, he asked.

Dinho then questioned why Dayne hugged him and said that he was fine after he had voted for them in the first Swede formation.

“And you can’t vote? Even if you hug? Everyone makes up, kisses, hugs, fights and now you can’t vote, right?”, ex Gran Fratello he said.

“For me then it was an embrace of lies,” said Dinho.

“That’s what you think,” replied Dayan.

The dancer stated again that he was upset by Dayane’s quick reaction during the play “Hora do Pharo”, which earned prizes for the participants. According to Dinho, Dayne responded to his name very quickly when he needed to take a pawn out of the game.

“Do you know why? You don’t want to get jealous with anyone, you want to line up with everyone,” Dinho concluded.

Dayne laughed and Adrienne Gallistu followed the vote.

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