Dodgers notes: Jock Pedersen returns, Justin Turner scratched from the lineup

Dodgers notes: Jock Pedersen returns, Justin Turner scratched from the lineup

Pederson game Is back in Dodgers The lineup began with a hitter on Tuesday night, batting seventh against A after losing five games on the Family Emergency Medical Leave List.

It remains to be seen how long he will stay with the team. Despite respect for Pederson’s privacy, Roberts did not say why Pedersen wasted his time, and could not commit how long he would stay.

“Family first, and Jock knows it,” the manager said Dave Roberts Said on a conference call. “All I know is that Jock worked really hard to be here with us to complete this homestand. I hope he stays with us in the Wildcard series, but I don’t know after that. ”

Dodgers-A lineup

Pos A. Pos Dodgers
Pos A. Pos Dodgers
D.H. Star (L) R.F. Betting
L.F. Grossman (s) S. Caesar (L)
S. Seeds 1 b Scribe
1 b Olson (L) C.F. Bellinger (L)
C.F. Kanha Was Smith
3b Lamb (L) 2 b Taylor
R.F. Piscotti D.H. Pederson (L)
2 b Camp (L) L.F. Pollock
Was Murphy 3b Rivers

Dustin May vs. Frankie Montas on the mound

It has been a bad season for Pederson, with six home runs and 124 plates in 38 games with .174 / .268 / .376, including two hits in his last 31 innings on 28 August. Pedersen, who was spotted at the Alternative Training Site at USC over the weekend when the Dodgers were on the road, is expected to face the Dodgers this week against four right-handed pitchers. Sean Maine And Andrew He Heine , Scheduled for Wednesday and Friday), his general role.

“It’s not the season he’s been hoping for, or we’re hoping to get out of it,” Roberts said. “But for us, shutting him down for the postseason is the most important thing right now.”

Turner scratched

Justin Turner Back from the left hamstring strain, starting with a nominated hitter in his first five games, he was originally in Tuesday’s lineup at third base, but he was scratched for a while with a left hamstring discomfort. Edwin Rios Instead it starts on the third base.

Prior to the lineup change, Roberts said he did not want to push Turner.

“I don’t know if we’re going to defend him today,” Roberts said. “Whether it’s three, five or six innings on batsmen, something like that, I don’t really see him playing all night.”

Roberts had previously said Turner would have to start on a third base on Wednesday, but that was before Tuesday’s lineup change.

Playoff lineup preview?

Out of Pederson and occasionally Kika Hernandez, The Dodgers haven’t done much this year. So, with the right hand Frankie Montas A, start for the right hand AJ Pollock (In the left area) and Chris Taylor Are in the initial lineup (on the second basis).

This is not surprising, as this is Taylor’s 30th start and Pollock’s 29th start in 40 games against right-handed pitchers this season. Both have been Dodgers’ best hitters.

“What am I thinking right now? Chris Taylor This year has done, and what he has done in previous years, playing against left and right gives us the best chance. “And obviously AJ, the batsmen have been great this year against both of them. Things can always change, but I like the balance of our lineup,” Roberts said.

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