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Eliana, apresentadora do SBT, vem com novidades

Despite such a low investment, Aliana always appears among the biggest audiences on SBT, a result that she insists on giving credit to her brave team.

And, clearly, he understands that this good moment is due to a constant struggle that will never stop, so the search for new cadres is on which will be evaluated for the next year.

One of them, of course, comes from abroad, in a position to repeat the success of “Minha Mulher Que Manda”.

And there are still others who are looking to develop their own production, given the program’s DNA and its loyal audience.

Also as part of this package, it is planned to exchange scenarios for 2022. In fact, one of the most essential.

In addition to OpenTV, as another innovation and given its more than 40 million followers, Aliana has closed with Play9, a content and digital formats studio for brands and influencers, including Ana Paula Padrao, Fatima Bernardes, Paola. Carosella and Giovanna Ewbank as contractors.


After saying goodbye to Herritt in the soap opera “Genesis,” Yana Sardenberg is looking forward to the premiere of the series “Back at 15” in early 2022, which she recorded for Netflix.

Maisa Silva and Camila Queiroz are the main characters.

less guilty

Just as “Joga” had the responsibility of replacing “Video Show” and it didn’t go well, circumstances were forced to debut “Zig Zag Arena” with Fernanda Gentil somewhat on snare drums. Was.

Pay a bill for it.

wheat stars

But you have to do things differently. Fernanda Gentil’s appearance in both is a simple and tragic act of coincidence, regardless of the consequences of these events.

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As always, she remains an outstanding professional. You have so much to give.


“Mes du Brasil”, with featured stories from women who, since the start of the pandemic, have faced the challenge of supporting and feeding their families, will be shown by Globo on December 1.

One of the objectives of the program is to praise the hero as a representation of great power.

The last

This Sunday, as part of the “Show do Esporte”, from 4 pm, the band will broadcast the first game of the Brasileirao Sub 20 final.

Direct from Porto Alegre, Internacional and So Paulo, with narration by Oliveira Andrade, comments by Joo Pedro Sagarbi and Chico García and reporting by Pedro Oliveira.

entire house

Last Thursday, after a long time, the “Silvio Santos Program” once again had an auditorium with a full capacity of 200 people.

But once again, with the presentation of Patricia Abravanel.

worth highlighting

Tomorrow, after “Sunday Spectacular” and “A Fazenda”, the record will feature “The Story of the Greatest Best-Seller of All Time”, The Bible.

A work by reporter André Tal, done entirely in Holy Land.


In the United Kingdom, at the end of last year, Maria Fernanda Candido recorded her participation in the film “Animas Fantasticos”.

But now you can talk about it. Released on 15 April next year.

encounter again

Fatima Bernardes used her Instagram page to announce that she will be back in command of “Encontrol” starting this Monday.

Replaced by Patricia Poetta during this time, Fatima underwent surgery on her left shoulder.

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date is

Amazon Prime Video aired the original reality show “LOL: If You Laugh, It’s Over!” on December 3. The beginning of the first part of the.

Based on a Japanese format, it is presented by Tom Cavalcante and Clarice Falco. Ten comedians are challenged to spend six hours without laughing in six episodes spread over two weeks.


Between the 29th of this month and the 31st of December, the public will be able to join hands with ABADS (Brazilian Association of Social Assistance and Development) to embrace a very special cause: Autism and Intellectual Disability. During this period, a campaign for donations will be run by phone, with calls on a record schedule, R7 and more actions will be taken on social networks. This will include the entire cast.

Several artists have already worn shirts in support of the cause, including Sabrina Sato, Renata Alves, Cesar Filho, Ana Hickman, Ticiane Pinheiro, Geraldo Luis, Thalita Oliveira, Janine Borba, Petronio Gontijo, Salsi Lima, Celso Zucatelli.

Carolina Vacations

Carolina Faraz went on vacation to the record and would only return on December 5 on “Sunday Espatacular”.

Patricia Costa is scheduled to present with Eduardo Ribeiro tomorrow.

Hits – Hits

• The crew of “Barbara”, a monologue show by Marisa Orth on stage at the FAAP Theater in So Paulo, held a free workshop on the making of theatrical show …

• … the initiative was equivalent to the funding of the Ruanet Law…

• … one of the participants joined the production team of the play.

• Two men from Pernambuco playing songs in an unreleased soap opera on Globo…

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• … Lenin’s play “Where do the children do?” In “A Place in the Sun”…

• … and the Duda beat with a re-recording of “Vem quent que u somos”, a hit by Jovem Garda, to the soundtrack of “Quanto mise vida, melhor”.

• Netflix releases the official trailer for “It’s Love: Camargo Family”…

• … the documentary series by Zezze Di Camargo and Vanessa Sharing the Intimacy of Family, opens December 9.

• Actor and voice actor Leonardo Jose, 78, who was battling lung cancer, passed away last Wednesday.

• … among others, he has voiced characters such as Professor Xavier (X-Men), Thanos (Avengers) and Shan-Yu (Mulan).

• The feature film “Doctor Gama”, directed by Jefferson Day, will be screened this Saturday in “SuperScene” in honor of Black Consciousness Day…

• … The production follows the life of the poet, journalist and lawyer Luiz Gama, who in the 19th century freed more than 500 victims of slavery.

• Narrator Linhares Jr. announces that he has been fired from Grupo Globo.

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