Donald Trump appeared for the first time after losing the election to Joey Bain

Donald Trump appeared for the first time after losing the election to Joey Bain

Donald Trump attends a “National Event Day” wreath-laying ceremony on November 11

Washington, United States:

US President Donald Trump made his first official appearance since the election on Wednesday, which should have been a moment of national unity to celebrate Veterans Day, now refusing to accept Joe Biden’s victory.

On a rainy day in Washington, the president visited the Arlington National Cemetery shortly before 11:30 a.m., when U.S. media speculated that his Democratic opponent would take him to the White House. Four days later.

Since then, he has not addressed the nation other than on Twitter and in a statement issued to celebrate Veterans Day, and has not accepted Biden, as once the winner is expected to cast a US vote.

Cowid-19 cases are breaking records across the country, and with states imposing new sanctions to prevent the virus before winter arrives, Trump has assumed all of the president’s general responsibilities for his brief presentation in Arlington, where he Didn’t comment publicly. .

Instead, he remained locked in the presidential palace, emphasizing an alternative fact that he was going to file a lawsuit alleging voter fraud, which so far has only been supported by false evidence.

Earlier Wednesday, he was tweeting the latest evidence-free claims of election victories and ballot manipulation, despite the consent of international observers, world leaders, local election officials and the US media that the November 3 vote was free and fair, and There are no credible allegations of fraud.

Claiming that the result of a vote in Wisconsin on Election Day was “possibly illegal pressure”, he said he was “now preparing to win the state,” which was called for Biden a week earlier.

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“Many such ‘tragic’ examples!” He added on Twitter.

While some Republicans are adding their voices to the growing number of calls to accept the president, experts warn that refusing to do so is undermining the democratic process and replacing Biden, who takes office in January. .

Among them was Corey Stapleton, the Republican secretary of state for Montana, who praised the “incredible things” Trump had accomplished.

“But that time is over now. Tip your hat, cut off your lips, and congratulate Joe Beden,” he tweeted.


However, some of the most powerful figures in the Republican Party – including Secretary of State Mike Popeppio and Senate leader Mitch McConnell – appear to be backing Trump in their bid to undermine Benin’s victory.

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“There will be a smooth transition in Trump’s second administration,” Pompeo told a news conference on Tuesday. McConnell said the president was “100 percent in power” and wanted to challenge the election in court.

No lawsuit is likely to change the outcome of the vote, and even Biden’s planned paper-thin victory in Georgia or elsewhere is unlikely to change the basic math.

“I think it’s a shame,” Bilden said Tuesday, referring to the president’s refusal to accept defeat.

But otherwise he has largely ignored Trump, signaling that he is becoming the long-awaited president despite Republican efforts to stem the tide of power.

Biden and his wife Jill attended their Sober Veterans Day celebration at the Korean War Memorial in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

Ever since his expected victory was announced on Saturday, Biden has addressed the nation, set up a coronavirus task force, held talks with world leaders, including Trump’s allies, and began exploring potential cabinet members. And delivered policy speeches.

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Following the results, the president’s only known activity outside the White House is playing golf twice a weekend.

The intelligence of the President is usually kept out of the daily routine. He made no mention of a dramatic return to the nationwide Covid-19 epidemic.

Trump’s only significant presidential action was the surprise shooting of Defense Secretary Mark Asper on Monday, which he announced on Twitter.

There is no legal implication in itself for failing to comply, but the General Services Administration, usually the less-important agency that manages Washington’s bureaucracy, has refused to sign the change, managing funds and security briefings. Has refused.

Biden’s inauguration is on January 20.

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