Donald Trump, who never admits defeat, insists on how to keep fighting – presidential election for us

Donald Trump, who never admits defeat, insists on how to keep fighting – presidential election for us

President Donald Trump never concedes defeat. But he now faces the full choice of whether Democrat Joe Biden has won the White House: for the sake of the nation, please or not – and still be ousted.

After nearly four days of torture, Biden won, and Trump insisted the race was not over. He made baseless allegations that the election was not fair and that “illegal” votes were counted. Provocation of legal action and false removal of all caps tweets insisting he “will win this election, by many.”

While some in his circle were condemning Trump’s gracious acceptance, many of his Republican allies, including Capitol Hill, were either pardoning him or giving him a place to process his losses – at least for the time being. .

Appearing in the Fox News Lost Channel’s “Sunday Morning Promises”, “Trump is not a loser,” denying the reality of the situation. “Sir, don’t believe me. Fight hard, ”he urged.

Trump Is not expected to formally agreeAccording to people close to him, however, he is likely to vacate the White House badly by the end of his term. His ongoing efforts to call the election unfair are seen as an attempt to quell both tears and show the loyal base of his supporters that he is still fighting. That should be sufficient enough to attract the attention of others.

“He intends to fight,” said Larry Cudlow, Trump’s economic adviser, as it became clear that the president was on the verge of defeat.

Will Trump ever accept? “I doubt it,” said Roger Stone, a longtime friend and adviser to Trump, whose prison sentence was commuted by Trump in July. Stone insisted that as a result of Biden, “half the people of the country will be clouded over the presidency by those who believe he was elected illegally.”

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The ally suggested that if Trump wanted to start a media empire in the coming years, he would be motivated to prolong the drama. So, even if he wants to keep the door open for a possible return in 2024 – he will be only a year older than Biden.

Others in his inner circle call him, including his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. The former New York mayor promised the president evidence of voter fraud but gave little results, including a small Philadelphia landscaping company in front of an adult bookstore during a press conference on Saturday. Placed in the parking lot.

Trump’s adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, have also called on their fathers to continue the fight and have challenged Republicans to stand with them, as have allies like Graham.

“What I’m going to say to President Trump is: don’t give up. I don’t follow my advice, ”said the Republican reporter. A podcast interview with Arizona Andy Biggs. Said during. “Let’s fight this thing. It is very important to give up. ”

Some in the presidency are looking to Capitol Hill for signs of Republican abandonment of the Republic. But so far, he seems to be giving her time.

“I’m looking forward to the president dealing with it, but he needs to deal with it,” Missouri’s Sen. Roy Blunt told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. However, he acknowledged that the time has come for Trump to “pass this discussion on to his lawyers, the time for lawyers to make a case that is in court and in the American people, and then we have to deal with the facts.” With as they are presented. It has to happen and then we move on. ”

“Trump still has a way to win,” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told Fox News. “At this point, we don’t know who won the election.”

Other political allies and White House officials, however, have pressured Trump to change his stance and commit to a smooth transition. He insists that history will be a strict judge of any action taken by him which is seen as weakening his successor. And they have advised him that he promises to support the resolution to give a speech next week.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, has told others that he is one of those who have called on the president to accept the outcome of the race – although Trump does not agree on how he got there.

At Fox News, where primary-time hosts have a strong influence on Trump, Laura Ingram voiced the president’s belief that the election was unfair, as well as urging him to consider his legacy – and a GOP. Maintain your status as Kingmaker – please leave office.

“President Trump’s legacy will be more important if he focuses on moving the country forward,” he said Thursday.

The story is based on interviews with more than a dozen Trump aides and allies, many of whom spoke on condition of anonymity in order to negotiate an internal discussion.

Doubtless, the peaceful transfer of power reflects the common-sense habits of the current lame duck president, who never even acknowledged in a victory that he lost the popular vote in 2016.

Most allies believe the president will decide on a plan over the weekend that will include more legal action. But some allies believe legal battles are more about enhancing the appearance of a fight than producing a result.

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There were some indications that Trump was moving in a less controversial direction, even angrily complaining to his supporters, reviving old grievances about the Russian probe launched under President Barack Obama.

In a statement Friday, Trump suggested that he use every means at his disposal to challenge the election results. But allies described it as a confirmation of possible outcomes.

“We will guarantee this process through every aspect of the law that the American people have confidence in our government,” Trump said. “I will never stop fighting for you and for my nation.”

The White House said Saturday that the president would “accept the results of a free and fair election” and that the administration was “complying with all legal requirements.”

Still, there were concerns that Trump’s rhetoric would create tension in a nation that was severely divided before the election. Isolation has been reported near tabulation centers in Philadelphia and Phoenix.

Pro-Trump protesters – some openly carrying rifles and handguns – rallied outside search facilities in several cities across the country, responding to Trump’s baseless allegations that Democrats were trying to steal the White House. Were

Biden, meanwhile, has called on the country to come together.

“For all of you who voted for President Trump, I understand the disappointment tonight. I have lost myself many times. But now, let’s give each other a chance, “he said in his victory speech on Saturday night.

Trump, whose large Twitter account appears to be an accessible one for any occasion, advised in 2016: “Vladimir Putin said today about Hillary and Dames:” In my opinion, this is insulting. No one should be able to lose with dignity,

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