Early Signing Day Tracker and Live Thread for Michigan Football 2021 Class

Early Signing Day Tracker and Live Thread for Michigan Football 2021 Class

This is an exciting time for college football coaches across the country. There is still a week to go before the final college football playoff rankings. But coaches, at least for today, are focused on getting players in the 2021 class to sign their letter of intent.

Unlike in previous years, we are not entirely sure that everyone will have to sign for the Michigan Wolverines soon. We know that JJ McCarthy will sign his LOI for the five-star quarterback as soon as he qualifies. Other players like the state’s four-star offensive linemen Giovanni L-Hadi and Rahim Anderson are likely to do the same.

But then there are the strangers with the boys, such as four-star recipient Xavier Warthy. We’ll see what happens to him at 4pm EST later this afternoon.

This post will be updated as a roll-in of those LOIs, so come back and refresh this page as new Michigan family members are authorized.

7:36 a.m. – Michigan’s first official member of the 2021 class is three-star defense lineman Dominic Judis.

Scouting report: “Giuseppe Diss said the coaches are planning to play him at anchor position, with which I agree that the best matches at the moment are with his skills. He doesn’t have the athletics to be a good passer for the weak, but he can definitely block the narrow streets. However, I think he will eventually pack 20 or 30 more pounds and slide inward to become three techniques, where the efficiency of his passing crowd will be more valuable. “- John Simmons, Maize Ann Barry.

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7:44 a.m. – Four-star TE Louise Hanson

Scouting report: “Large catch radius with great body control and technique to get the ball high. The line lacks explosives and has to be polished along the way. Ready blockers that work on the level and strength of his pads. “- Simmons

8:01 a.m. – Three-star O’Leary Tristan Bound

Scouting Report: “Large left handling frame. Surprising for anyone with his size and good hand placement. You have to work at the level of his pad to make the best use of your strength. ”- Simmons

8:09 a.m. – Four-star O’Leary Giovanni El-Hadi

Scouting report: “Strong molar with good flexibility and transparent speed. He may need to go into college for a 6-foot-4 frame. Defendants work to identify and engage. ”- Simmons

8:20 a.m. – Four-star O’Leary Greg Kripen

Scouting report: “Technically with his hand placement, especially in pass security. Questions about his size limit his ceiling. To improve the function of the feet beyond the pinch. ”- Simmons

8:28 a.m .: Three-star DL TJ sings

Scouting Report: “The boy is a project of natural framework and athletics to be successful, but he will need a few years of coaching before he is ready to contribute. I put him on the same development path as Julius Welskoff or Taylor Upshau, with two similar creations in the 2018 class. While he’s listed as a weak defensive end at 247 Sports, Michigan’s plan is to keep the guy at anchor. He is going to do something to turn this boy into a boy. ”- Simmons

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8 a.m .: Four-star O.L. Rahim Anderson

Scouting report: “With his quick steps to get people off the ball and with the ability to shake the legs through contact. A four-year starter at Cass Tech who has excellent center position. ”- Simmons

8:56 a.m. – Three-star K / P Tommy Doman

Scouting Report: “Technically sound pants with a long frame. Adapted to her pants in both hanging times and distances. Also a brilliant kicker, perfect in his senior year with the 53-year-old. – Simmons

9:11 a.m. – Three-Star S. Road Moore

Scouting report: “He is a true playmaker who has great ball skills and expects to position himself to use the ball skills. He will also join as a tackler. He takes good angles in the chase and does a great job of not being high as a tackler. As he gets stronger, he will develop a little more pop in that department, but he is ready to become physical. He comes around the field liquid and easily. ”- Alan Triu, 247 Sports

9:26 a.m. – Five Star that BBJ McCarthy

Scouting report: “Naturally born leaders who have a great impact on deep balls. Can increase play with his legs and maintain accuracy while throwing on the run. There is a good zip on the short to medium way, but the top end of the arm lacks strength. “- Simmons

9:40 a.m. – Four-star LB Jr. Colson

Scouting report: “Natural in oose hips and coverage. The best child skills. Attractive as a nickel linebacker. Comfortable operating in space as parameter tackler. The best athlete to inspect the combine testing box. ”- Barton Simmons, 247 Sports

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9:56 a.m. – Three-star LB Tyler McLaurin

Scouting report: “A true 6-foot-2 and looks bigger than its listed weight, but has room to add some essentials. However, the college is not likely to play heavier than 225-235. A solid athlete who shows that he can play in space. The gap can shoot fast and has good acceleration. Smart and easy ”- Alan Triu, 247 Sports

10:11 a.m. – Four-star DL Keychon Bennett

Scouting report: “The ball catches fire quickly at the level of the bottom pad. Receives the field. Disruptive against the pass. Uses speed to slide in but spreads around the edge. The pace of the chase slowed down. Perfect for assignments. Able to re-prove the policy of Simran. Flexible and bends at the knees. ”- Brian Donn, 247 Sports

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