Elderly woman slapped and scolded among students in Argentina; video | World

An elderly woman assaulted two schoolgirls. Argentina With slaps and harsh scoldings, as shown in a video circulating on social media. watch video above,

The images were recorded and published by a student who witnessed the fight earlier this month, but this Tuesday (10), the Argentine newspaper “Clarin” reported the story.

According to the publication, the teen is a student at a school in Gualaguechu in the province of Entre Ríos, 240 kilometers from Buenos Aires.

It can be seen in the recording that the woman came near when two young women were scuffles on the floor of a square and they slapped a girl.

She calls the girls “shameless two” and knows one of the people involved in the brawl – the exact one who pulls her hair and slaps her twice.

“They’re both shameless for going out like this,” says the woman who broke up the fight. “And you know where I live, [se tem algo errado] You come to my house and tell me. This is wrong.”

It is not known what led to the fight between the two students who left after the intervention of the elderly woman.

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