Elon Musk becomes Mem after 4th SpaceX rocket explodes

Elon Musk becomes Mem after 4th SpaceX rocket explodes

The starship rocket is the stake of billionaire Elon Musk’s company SpaceX to take humans to Mars. But Tuesday (30), another prototype of Starship Exploded during a test, which was a lot of fun social media.

This was SpaceX’s fourth lost rocket in less than four months. The model SN11 was able to fly and fly the spacecraft, but suffered a catastrophic failure during the descent. NASA Rocket’s Last Moments Filmed and Released.

Except for SN11 SN10, prototype now and in early March Sn 9 Exploded during a test in February, while Sn 8 The test conducted in December last year did not “survive”. In college Sn 5 I Sn 6, Which were still miniature versions, survived the short jump to 150 meters high. Hey Sn7 It was intentionally destroyed in a pressure test.

The Internet did not forgive a succession of testing problems and the latest explosion sparked a series of memes. Some even took the opportunity to play with the ship Ever Give stranded in the Suez Canal last week. “It’s a good thing they didn’t depend on the starship for towing,” joked a profile on Twitter.

Talking about the Suez Canal, is the ship also blocking the way to Mars?

This led to a dialogue between the two Sn 11 It is on Starpopper, Which is one of the working prototypes. “The engineers gave me this box Cold For some reason. Maybe I can give you this one too, “the big spacecraft might have said.” Gift “, which will be responsible for blowing Sn 11, Was rejected by the small ship.

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Poor visibility was also recalled during testing.

Some did not forgive Elon Musk, claiming that after a succession of failures he said that from now on, SpaceX would produce “fireworks”.

In early March, the SN10 also failed a landing test. The spacecraft took off from Boca Chica, Texas, and reached an altitude of ten kilometers, when it began the descent process. Apparently everything went well: the rocket landed and SpaceX technicians said it was “a spectacular landing”. But after minutes, some flames were seen at the base of the ship, which exploded shortly after and were completely destroyed.

“Everyone’s response to starship landing”:

“We bring you SN10 memes”

In its final version, the starship will be 120 meters high and should have the capacity to carry 100 passengers and 100 tons of cargo. SpaceX plans to build a fleet of 1,000 starships in the coming decades for space travel by passengers and astronauts through the solar system. He estimates that, by 2024, the spacecraft will land on the moon – but there are still no predictions of orbits in orbit. By 2050, Elon Musk’s company wants to build a city on Mars for one million people.

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