Entity fixes up to five substitutions in football matches

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So Paulo, SP (Folhapres) – IFAB (International Football Association Board), which regulates football rules, decided to fix the release of five substitutions in football matches. In 2020, the change was put into practice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier, only three changes were allowed.

The organization’s assessment is that the measure was well accepted by coaches, managers and players. Three windows (out of bounds) will be placed for replacement.

Ifab also authorized an increase in the number of athletes available on the reserve bench. It went from 12 to 15, another change that people heard about by the body’s technical committee.

This opens the door to an increase in the number of entries for teams in the World Cup: from 23 to 26. The decision on this will be taken by the tournament organizer FIFA.

FIFA’s President Gianni Infantino, led by FIFA President Gianni Infantino, held this Monday (13) in Doha, Qatar, but did not comment on the matter. Brazil’s coach Tite is in favor of signing 26 players.

Other possible future changes were discussed at the meeting, but no final decision was taken.

One of them was about technical innovations in the use of VAR for offside, so the marking would be faster and more accurate. Members of the body also talked about possible tests for referees to interpret decisions made on the field during matches, such as how to calculate play time more objectively (taking into account pauses). ) and taking sides with the feet.

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But, according to Ifab, these matters will only be discussed again in the future and any trial period will have to be approved by the institution and approved by FIFA.

Association members also talked about ways to combat the lack of respect for referees and increase their safety. For the institution, this is a global problem. One of the possibilities for change is for judges to use cameras attached to the uniform, initially in amateur sports.

What is IFAB?

The Ifab was created in 1886 as a unit responsible for the standardization of the rules of football, which have been in practice in the United Kingdom since 1863, but with different habits depending on the venue of the match.

Since its inception, it has been composed of four British national federations (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). FIFA joined it only in 1913. Each has one vote in decisions and FIFA represents the other 207 federations affiliated with it.

In the past, ifb has been criticized for being a banned organization and clinging to football’s past. Another complaint was about changing the rules of conservatism, something that has changed in recent times. Particularly when he supported the introduction of video refereeing in 2018, an age-old idea that faced a lot of resistance.

To promote debate and suggest changes, the body created technical and football advisory panels, consisting of “experienced members from around the world”, the body says. In practice, it is he who prepares the report and advises the IFAB in making decisions regarding changes to be studied or tested.

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Any change in the rules can be decided only at the annual meetings, where the general body meets for deliberation and voting. It usually takes place in February or March in one of the four founding countries. But it could be different in World Cup years, as it did in 2022. The event was held in Doha, Qatar, the host of the World Cup.

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