Europe shows that active football does not get in the way of a serious fight against Kovid. Seriously | Pvc blog

Europe shows that active football does not get in the way of a serious fight against Kovid.  Seriously |  Pvc blog

The situation in Brazil is very serious. Another record of one day’s deaths in 1954. You can not play. It has to be stopped, people will stay at home, reduce the level of contagion. The question is to what extent did football contribute or hinder it. Does the game interfere with the reduction of contagion?

The reaction of European authorities is that one thing has no direct relation to another before the vaccine is brought closer. Therefore, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal … European leaders understood that the rate of contagion was very low and for this reason, the second phase of severe lockdown did not stop football.

And the level of contagion decreased without grouping, with closures, even football being played.

A year ago, the Champions League closed. Yesterday, it happened. The difference between the stagnation of 2020 and the continuation of football, even with an increase in cases between January and February, is that the governments of Europe understood that football was capable of testing and playing without risk to players and families.

In Brazil, there is a perfect example. At the onset of the epidemic, the driver of a flamengo player became infected and contaminated his entire family and that player. Two weeks ago, Cassio of the Corinthians tested positive. The whole family was warned. Instead of contaminating ten people, when football was inactive, there was only one contamination.

Fans make 'Aerofla' to inspire flamengo before decision

Fans make ‘Aerofla’ to inspire flamengo before decision

Of course, football will have to participate. Supporters cannot go to the airport to convince their team. The one who controls the cattle is the shepherd. We are in bad shape as club drivers.

But look at the European example. In March 2020, the British Government understood that it was necessary to discontinue football. When the lockdown resumed in December with the possibility of a vaccine, but without epidemic control, they decided that professionals could follow football. It is the protection and protection of the families of this nucleus of society. The Department of Culture understood that this could continue with high-level sports. Note: High level game. Not just football.

But amateur football is closed. Which means that the FA Cup and FA Cup, which have amateur teams, face difficulties in scheduling matches. The Premier League, ultra professional, is as follows. Like the German Championship, Spanish, Italian …

Football is in the distribution system.

A motorcycle courier leaves a closed restaurant, which for this reason avoids congestion, and visits your home. No test Delivery football tests players and technical commissions twice a week. Families know who is infected or not. protect yourself.

Numbers help you think. Portugal closed in lockdown in early January, with 7627 cases per day. The Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, defined that football would not need to be stopped, as it was a tested environment and it would be good for the minds of those who had locked themselves at home. Portugal shut down, but football followed. In a month, the number of cases dropped from 7627 per day to 970 per day.

The difference was the behavior of society in comparison with Brazil. This was not the end of football.

But, if any leader, the leader, tells me that it is necessary to shut down the whole of Brazil. Okay, football is over.

Even delivery, football, is closed. I’m in!

It turned out that there is no leader. Governor João Doria closed the state and traveled to Miami. Mayor Bruno Kovas closed the city and went to Maracana in the only game with fans, 5,000 guests a year.

Note: The only game with fans in Brazil was, in a year, the mayor of São Paulo.

Today, as a Brazilian and Portuguese citizen, my leader is Portugal’s Prime Minister Antonio Costa, who closed the country and understood that football could remain open. The number of hospitalized patients in Portugal decreased by 73%. With lockdown, but with football on TV.

The United Kingdom also shut down the country and kept football. And Germany, Spain, Italy were traumatized by the drama of the onset of the epidemic, leaving football open.

But if a leader, A Leader, told me to shut up … oh, I don’t even touch Dokernob.

My party is a broken heart.

When Brazilian football ceased on March 16, 2020, Brazil died. When Camponato returned to Paulista, there were 1280 per day on 22 July.

On November 2, the date of the end of the first round of Brasileiro, the country recorded the lowest death toll in the moving average since the onset of the epidemic. Smallest: 403.

Today, 2,000 deaths occur in a day, but nothing has changed, with football running, or without.

What changes is the behavior of the population. What turns us on is leadership. A president who orders to stay at home, a governor who does not travel to Miami, a mayor who does not visit the Maracana grandstand, a president who is not a denialist.

But if there is a leader who scientifically states that he has to stop, he has.

Today, my leader is Antonio Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal. He shut down the country, cut it in half cases and did not stop football.

With seriousness and without populism.

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