Even after taking the Pfizer vaccine, 240 Israelis caught Kovid-19

Even after taking the Pfizer vaccine, 240 Israelis caught Kovid-19

According to information from Israeli media and released by the channel Channel 13About 240 Israelis were infected with the new coronovirus (SARAS-COV-2), even after vaccination with the Pfizer / BioNotech immunizer.

The news was released with the idea that experts have already explained that the vaccine does not provide immediate immunity against the virus. Therefore the immune system may take some time to react.

Studies have indicated that immunity against Kovid-19 increases only eight or ten days after the first injection and eventually reaches 50% effectiveness.

A second injection is given 21 days after the first dose. 95% efficacy is achieved within a week of the second injection, so there is a 5% probability that the vaccine will be infected even after a vaccine is administered.

The Israeli channel that released the news asked to follow and take all precautions against the new coronovirus up to a month after the first dose of the vaccine.

Vaccination in Israel has been successful. This is because more than one million Israelis, i.e. 12% of the population, receive the vaccine from Pfizer / BioNotech. According to data from the University of Oxford, it is the largest number of people vaccinated per capita in the world.

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Vaccination began in the country from December 20, according to public broadcaster Kan, four people have died after receiving the vaccine. But the Israeli Ministry of Health reported that three out of four deaths were not linked to the vaccine. The fourth case is still being investigated. (With information IG Health)

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