‘Everybody knows how we feel’ by Casemiro becomes ‘We’ll never leave the team’ by Marquinhos

The generation of Casemiro and Marquinhos, the two captains selected by Tite to lead the Brazilian team in games against Ecuador and Paraguay in the qualifiers, but even in a week when the CBF went up in flames, their president was criticized for sexual and moral reasons. The charge was dropped. Harassment and players rehearsed the riot against the Copa America in Brazil, creating history. They were ahead in interviews for, at least, what would be a pro-tight movement, without Rogerio Caboclo and for Brazil that is dying of a pandemic. Will happen. It was not. It ended up as a ‘manifesto’ of athletes’ children released on social networks after a good win against Paraguay. Some players performed out of obligation, as they soon tried to publicize other matters that had nothing to do with the week’s episode. He blamed the journalists, who ‘invented’ all the inconvenience.

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This says a lot about this artist. Like the Dunga era, the Neymar era also created history on this Tuesday. It could also be a tight era. The strongest point of the demonstration was to say that “we are dissatisfied with the conduct of the Copa America by CONMEBOL, whether solely in Chile or Brazil.” They had no idea what was happening. He didn’t talk about the pandemic, the COVID-19 deaths, the risk of infection, the lack of a vaccine, the political use of his images… the players didn’t say anything about it. Neither did Coach Tite, who claimed to be aware of everything.

This group of Brazil national team lost their chance to match NBA players when they stopped everything and said ‘no’ to racism in the United States or even Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, seven. Other important players like the bar world champions, and even some tennis players… they don’t even match the common people who take to the streets to protest.

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Brazilian players love to talk about his childhood, his love for Brazil team, boy’s biggest dream when he plays football. It was a shame for the Kindergarten Manifesto. Well, we all know the importance of Brazil in football, the dreams of the Brazilians, the history of the national team in the World Cup, which until now, this group does not live up to that, we all know. Winning matches in South America cannot be a measure for these people playing in the Champions League. Brazil has been slaughtered in the World Cup. These guys have already played twice and have been utter failures. They are all good players of their respective teams but are common in the national team and are below average in the life of the society.

Perhaps everyone is expecting too much from these players and betting on the losers. Don’t blame them. They were raised like little lambs, children, intellectually unprepared and without any idea of ​​what Brazil really was. When they leave the fountain where they grew up, they attempt to open the institution as a way of using their rich wealth. But not everyone knows exactly what they are doing. They usually delegate work to a partner or family member and show up from time to time. They are poor in thoughts, participation, feelings and emotion. But he plays the ball and will never turn his back on the team. They look at the shirt and don’t see the organization called CBF, whose president is away because of sexual and moral harassment. It is part of the same family. They arrive in Brazil and do not sympathize with the poverty, unemployment, epidemic deaths, slow vaccination … They are locked in Granja Comari with five meals a day …

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They are no longer ‘Brazilians’, although they wear national team shirts. This generation will pass away like all others and what these sportspersons do in life will resonate in history. On and off the field. He will be remembered for Tuesday’s ‘manifesto’ at Asuncion. And the week that “didn’t exist”.

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When a Brazilian is born, a fan is born. And to the more than 200 million fans we wrote this letter to express our opinion about the realization of Copa America.

We are a united group, but with different views. For a variety of reasons, whether humanitarian or professional, we are dissatisfied with CONMEBOL’s conduct of the Copa America, whether solely in Chile or Brazil.

All recent facts lead us to believe in an inadequate process in its realization.

It is important to emphasize that we never wanted to politicize this discussion. We are aware of the importance of our position, we follow what is published by the media and we are present on social networks. We also speak out to prevent false news involving our names from being circulated without the correct facts.

Finally, we remember that we are activists, football professionals. We have a mission to accomplish with the five-time historic world champion pale green jersey. We are against the organization of the Copa America, but we will never say no to the Brazilian team.

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