Experts from the Academy of Social Sciences: The Metaverse is a double-edged sword and will bring about five big changes|Data Security|Academy of Social Sciences_SINA News

Experts from the Academy of Social Sciences: The Metaverse is a double-edged sword and will bring about five big changes|Data Security|Academy of Social Sciences_SINA News

Titulo Original: Experts from the Academy of Social Sciences: The meta universe is a double-edged sword and it will bring about five great changes

ChinaNews Client, Beijing, Nov 14 (Reporter Li Jinle) Recently, the concept of meta-universe has become popular, but how far are we from the real meta-universe world? What changes will the meta universe bring? What are the challenges?

Zuo Pengfei, deputy director of the Institute of Quantitative and Technological Economics Research Office of Information Technology and Network Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and General Secretary of the Information Technology Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said in a special statement. Interview with’s “New China Observations” column, we are far from the meta universe. Realization of the original view will take about 10-20 years.

  will bring five big changes

The concept of the meta universe first appeared in 1992 in the science fiction novel Avalanche by American author Neil Stephenson. The novel depicts a virtual digital world parallel to the real world—the “Metaworld”. People in the real world have a virtual clone in the “Metaworld”, and people compete with each other to improve their status by controlling this virtual clone.

Lately, the Meta Universe has created a frenzy, with many Chinese and foreign tech companies participating, and related concept stocks skyrocketing in the capital markets. What changes will the meta universe bring? Zuo Pengfei believes that the metaverse will bring about five major changes in our lives and social and economic development:

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The first is to further improve social production efficiency in terms of technological innovation and cooperation methods; Second is to give birth to a series of new technologies, new formats and new models to promote the transformation of traditional industries; the third is to promote cross-border derivation of cultural and creative industries, which greatly stimulate information consumption; Fourth is to rebuild the working lifestyle, there will be a large amount of work and life in the virtual world; The fifth is to promote the creation of smart cities and innovate social governance models.

Data Map: Tourists Experience VR Technology Photo by Liang TingData Map: Tourists Experience VR Technology Photo by Liang Ting

  face four challenges

In Zuo Pengfei’s view, in addition to technical constraints, we mainly face four challenges:

First, how to set up the infrastructure for the meta-universe to operate? The meta universe is a visual simulation of a real economic society, involving a range of issues of infrastructure selection such as values, systems design, and the legal system.

Second, how to avoid the formation of a high degree of monopoly? The realization of the meta-universe view requires a large investment of manpower and material resources, as well as the attainment of ultra-large-scale connections, so the meta-universe has an inherent monopoly gene. We need to escape the monopoly of the meta universe by some force.

Third, how to maintain a positive interaction between the real world and the meta-universe? i.e. making good use of the double-edged sword of the meta universe so that people can prevent themselves from drowning in the meta universe scene and play a positive role in the meta universe.

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Fourth, how to protect privacy and data security? The development of the metaverse requires collecting more personal information from people, and protecting personal privacy and data security will be a huge challenge.

  The meta universe is a double-edged sword

Zuo Pengfei believes that, on the one hand, the development of the meta universe will allow more people to immerse themselves in the virtual world. From the perspective of online time, the average online time of humans is increasing year by year, and the performance of the younger generation is more obvious. The new visual effects brought by the Metaverse will certainly extend a human’s “online time”. Creature

On the other hand, the evolution of the meta-universe would break the physical laws of the real world that we are used to, redefining most of our production and lifestyles in virtual space, and through brands into the productive capacity of society as a whole. Improve – new methods of production and methods of cooperation. The impact of the meta universe on human society depends on man.

“Therefore, we need to potentially study a range of materials such as theories and criteria for the evolution of the metaverse, technological ethics, etc., so that the metaverse may better serve mankind rather than becoming and devouring the black hole of time.” the future of mankind.” Xu Pengfei said. (up)

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