Find out who is the chairman of ‘Generation Y’ Nayab Buke, who should also rule in the judiciary in El Salvador. world

Find out who is the chairman of 'Generation Y' Nayab Buke, who should also rule in the judiciary in El Salvador.  world

Big winner of legislative election on Sunday (28) Protector The President is Naib Bukelle. With scrutiny, the 39-year-old head of state, seen as an innovator and an authoritarian by others, emerges from a stronger election than ever before from the results of his allies and comes to hold all power in the small is. Country of Central America.

Wearing a leather jacket, colorful socks, and a fluffy hat, which has already become his trademark, Bukel is far from the general image of the head of state. But apart from the look, the young president attracts attention for his political strategy.

The son of a businessman of Palestinian origin, Bukel has always presented himself as a character close to the people. A rhetoric that helped him win the 2019 presidential election, in which he ended the tradition of bipartisanship, which had dominated El Salvador’s politics since the end of the civil war in 1992. On his inauguration, the new president organized a ceremony outside, in a square in the center of San Salvador, breaking protocol and strengthening his image as an accessible politician.

Since the victory, he has taken manifold measures to reinforce the aura of “Savior of El Salvador”. In this way, at the height of the health crisis, they gave bonuses of US $ 300 to needy families, as well as food and supplies to counter the Kovid-19 epidemic. The gestures had more than a positive impact on its popularity, mainly in a country where external debt reaches 90% of GDP.

This “millennium” stance began to form when he was elected mayor of Nuevo Cuscalton between 2012 and 2015 before assuming the office of mayor of the capital. When he raced San Salvador, he was suspended from his duties for insulting the city’s councilors, adding another point to the “disruptive” profile.

From a political point of view, heads of state do not hesitate to address sensitive issues. In addition to openly criticizing traditional parties, he questioned the signed peace agreements, accusing the old defender of Salvadoran politics of doing nothing for the people or for the victims of the Civil War (1980–1992). Another recurring theme in his speech is the fight against “maras”, the criminal gang that spread terror in the country.

But, for its opponents, this strategy disguises an authoritarian character and little regard for democratic norms. A temperament that Bukale showed on occasions such as last year, when he attacked Parliament with armed police and military personnel, was simply pressurized.

So far his displeasure has been blocked by Parliament, which prevented more extreme actions in his first two years as president. But, with the result of this Sunday’s vote (29), the New Ideas (NI) party, which Bukel helped form and which ran for the first time, together with the Grand National Alliance (GHANA), brought him 2019. To come to power in the US, two of his allies won the majority of votes as per the data released by the Supreme Court of Election (TSE).

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