Flight Aware says nearly 4,000 flights have been canceled around the world

Flight Aware says nearly 4,000 flights have been canceled around the world

According to a count done by flight tracking website FlightAware, this Sunday (2), about 3,946 flights Globally it was canceled and 10,590 were delayed due to bad weather and worldwide progress of the Micron version.

In the United States alone, approximately 2,355 flights were canceled today and 2,739 on Saturday (1).

In form of omicron Advances, crew and pilots had to leave – forcing airlines to cancel flights.

The crew, pilot and support crew America are reluctant to work overtime during the season, despite huge financial incentives.

Many employees are afraid of contracting COVID-19 And according to unions, unwilling to deal with unruly commuters.

Allegiant airline spokeswoman Hilary Gray told CNN on Saturday that the continued impact of these factors is not something airlines can predict, but she anticipates additional delays and cancellations this week.

“Of course, when there is an unexpected interruption of travel, customer service notifies affected passengers directly and relays other flight, refund, credit or other compensation options,” he said.

*With information from Reuters*

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