Foods to eliminate toxins from the body

Foods to eliminate toxins from the body

as eliminate toxins from the body, chills, little activity, and the occasional overdose can make you feeling heavy ,

we make an offer pure meal plan for a whole month that will help you clean inside will refund energy from who needs and you will feel lighter ,

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The menus we propose work because they are based on Foods with great solvency:

  • full of vegetables Sulfur Compounds: Onion, Garlic, Leek…
  • green leaves With lots of chlorophyll: Spinach, chard, lettuce…
  • slightly bitter-tasting vegetables Improve liver function: Artichoke, endive, endive, radish, chicory, celery…
  • Foods Diuretics such as shatavari.
  • lots of fruits Rich in water, antioxidants, vitamins and fibre.
  • Sprouts, which contain enzymes Improve digestion and activate metabolism.

Follow These 3 Detoxing Tips

To be successful and achieve your goals it is necessary to:

  • Eliminate high sugar foods Refined flour, processed meat products, large and oily fish (contaminated with heavy metals), precooked food, soft drinks, sweets, animal fats and food additives. and drinks.
  • give preference to simple cooking techniques, Such as steamed, boiled, iron, pressure cooker etc. and avoid fried and/or breaded items; Cook with little salt and use virgin olive oil.
  • drink water During the day (6-8 glasses). Between meals you can take an infusion: chamomile, dandelion, orthosiphon or pennyroyal mints are interesting because they improve digestion and help remove waste products from our body.

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