Former LEC orders US classification for Futsal World Cup

The United States futsal team qualified for the World Cup after 13 years. And a Londoner played an important role in this achievement. Everson Maciel, a former Londrina player, was one of the leaders of the team vice-champions of the CONCACAF (Confederation of North America, Central and Caribbean Football) qualifiers.

Former LEC orders US classification for Futsal World Cup

At the age of 43, Everson scored decisive goals in the campaign and helped with all his experience and experience at Futsal when he was a kid, when he made his first move to the London courts.

“We had a strong team with some experienced players, and the objective was to qualify. But reaching the finals, playing competitive games was really a win for us,” said the player. In the decision, USA 3 from Costa Rica Lost to 2. The others classified for the World Cup by Conaccaf are Guatemala and Panama.

Despite being over 40 years old, Everson was invited by Serbian coach Dusan Zakica at the end of 2019 to join this new work of the US team, aiming to take the country back to the World Cup, some That has not happened since 2008. , When the World Cup was played in Brazil.

“He knew about my career at Futsal from the days of Londrina, at Aramb, at Gremio. He called me, said he needed experienced players and he would trust me if I managed to stay in shape. . It took a year and a half of hard work to achieve this feat. “

The Londoner recalled that Futsal still has amateur status in the United States and no national competition. For Everson, vacancies in the World Cup could begin to change this scenario.

“We have seen a significant increase in futsal among children. This was the first time that the American Confederation took over and invested in selection and the classification also gave a lot of visibility to the game”, he said.

The Futsal World Cup will be played in Lithuania from September 12 to October 3 and will feature 24 teams. “We know now the reality in the World Cup is completely different and we will have to work hard till then”, the London player insisted.


Everson moved to the United States in 1999, soon after being Paraná’s junior champion for Londrina last year, in a team that had greats such as goalkeeper Cristiano, midfielder Vamberto and strikers Rodrigo and Fabio Nacimento.

Former LEC orders US classification for Futsal World Cup

“In a reintroduction at the beginning of the year, Londrina hired a lot of people and was not taken advantage of. It was a disappointment for us and I believe that a club investment mistake that gave a winning generation Wasted. Many people left the club and at that time saw an opportunity to study and play in the United States “, he recalled.

Transferred to the state in 1998, the LEC disputed Paranaense’s access division in 99 and the team was led by coach Paulo Comely.

Prior to joining the US Futsal team, Everson played professional football in the United States and Malaysia and today he has a school for training players and has created Ginga FC. “The idea is to put the training of Brazilian players into practice here and how football develops in Brazil”.

Everson scored a cycle goal in his first game against El Salvador. Author: Ussoccer

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