Former US security adviser says he planned coups in other countries

Former US security adviser says he planned coups in other countries

Photo: Press service of the President of the Russian Federation

This Tuesday (12) in an interview with CNN, John Bolton (pictured), US national security adviser for part of the Donald Trump administration and UN ambassador under George W. Bush, said he had already planned coups in other countries.,

Bolton is being interviewed by news anchor Jake Tapper about the work of the House committee investigating the attack by Trump supporters on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.

The former adviser suggested that the former president would not be competent enough to carry out a coup and said: “As someone who has helped plan the coup — not here, but, you know, elsewhere — it’s something that takes a lot of work.”

Pressured by the anchor to say what strike he was referring to, Bolton replied that he would not enter. “Specialty”, Tapper then asked him about Venezuela and the former adviser said: “It wasn’t successful. Not that we had much to do with it, but I saw how much work the opposition had to do in trying to remove an illegally elected president.” [Nicolás Maduro] and fail”,

“Looks like there are more things you’re not telling me”CNN journalist said. “Surely There Is”Bolton replied.

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