Formula 1 voice

Formula 1 voice

Growing as one for me Formula 1 Fan, the first voice of the game I met was Murray Walker. Your enthusiasm for the game was unique and you wanted to watch even the most boring race.

The legend died at the age of ninety-nine at the end of last week, leaving a game of mourning. Everyone in the paddock loved him universally, something extremely rare in a world full of wolves. He will be deeply missed by those who knew him and others like me, who grew up listening to him on television.

I first saw Formula 1 in 1988 San marino grand prix, And it was a combination of Walker and James hunt It welcomed me to the game. McLaren F1 Team It may have dominated the year, but Walker’s comment was excellent, even though I was only seven or eight years old.

I remember your comment about the infamous conflict between Artan army This Jean-Louis Scholler No Monza National Circuit Which denied McLaren a large number of race wins that year, but gave it away Scuderia Ferrari An emotional end two weeks after his death Enzo ferrari.

At the end of the year, the army was victorious Suzuki International Racing Course After an almost stagnant recovery on the grid with an impressive recovery, and the win gave him his first World Champion title. And Walker’s remarks were appropriate for the occasion.

A year later, the army had a confrontation with its partner at Suzuka Ellen Proust Murray commented to the expert, as he had his first accident on the same track a year later. In those early years, Murray’s comment ensured that I was accustomed to the game that I now hold a dear place in my heart.

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During the time when I was watching Formula 1, he commented on Army Vs. Prost, Nigel Mansellworld Championship, Michael sSchumacher Vs Daman Mountains, Schumacher Vs. Mika Hakkinen. He really covered the greats of the game and with his passion helped that passion.


Yes, there were mistakes. ‘Maresmos’ When they became popular, they were part of the occasion. He did not criticize her for that, it was part of the time that made Murray special. Here is a sample of my favorite ‘Murray’ …

He said, “There are more gaps now and then action will begin.” As long as it is action, it is! “

“It was a great season for Nelson Pickett, as he is now known, and it always has been.”

“Schumacher’s call to ignore checked flag is due next Tuesday.”

“Andrea de Sijeris … the man who won more Grand Prix than anyone without ever winning it.”

“And this will be Williams ‘first win since Williams’ last victory!”

“Copper’s expectations, which were once zero, are now absolutely zero.”

“Ukyo Katayama is without a doubt the best Formula 1 driver to produce a Grand Prix.”

“And we’ve run 5 races so far this year, Brazil, Argentina, Imola, Schumacher and Monaco!”

“Apparently he went to change wheels. I say clearly because I cannot see. “

“And Mika Häkkinen is making a big difference before moving to third place … When I say huge, it’s 1.5 seconds.”

“Now the Frenchman is as close to Jacques Lafitte Surreur de Lafitte.”

“… and there is no damage to the car … except the car.”

“The front car is absolutely unique, except for the rear one, which is the same.”

“It’s an interesting circuit because it has a slope, and not only upwards, but downwards as well.”

“Are my eyes deceiving me, or does the army lotus look cruel?”


Murray continued to comment until 2001, and continued to show his enthusiasm each race weekend, whether for the BBC or ITV. Murray was thrilled when Damon Hill won the title in 1996.

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When he commented, he raised the bar and could expect to be as good as many of the current crop. Yes, they are all good, that’s for sure, but they are not Murray walkers. And it’s not only in Formula 1, commentators from other sports also praise him and his style.

There is no doubt that, in my opinion, without Murray Walker, Formula 1 would not have been so popular in the UK, and I would imagine that elsewhere, even without that enthusiasm, people would not care so much about a sport. Would have kept: I feel. It is the best game in the world.

The fact that he was seventy-eighty years old left the comment box on how passionate he was about the game. He loved sports and sports loved him.

Goodbye Morena.

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