France, Sweden, Spain, Italy and Japan detect new strain of coronavirus – 12/26/2020

France, Sweden, Spain, Italy and Japan detect new strain of coronavirus - 12/26/2020

After the confirmation of the first case of a new strain of Kovid-19 virus discovered in the United Kingdom, Italy was yet another country to find out Presence of potentially more infectious strain of the virus.

Between yesterday and today, new tense cases have been identified in France, Spain, Sweden and Japan. There is no evidence that the new strain of the virus leads to a more severe version of Kovid-19, a disease. Coronavirus.

Japan Announced today Temporary ban on entry of foreigners not resident in the country after detection of new version of Coronavirus cases. The Asian country yesterday reported the first cases of travelers arriving from the United Kingdom.

This Saturday (26), health officials in Italy announced that six people tested positive for the new strain of Kovid-19 after arriving in the country in the last few days from London, bringing the number of cases in the country to more than 10 Has gone.

France confirmed one case of the new version of the virus, while Spain declared four infected. Also sweden Reported One case, related to a UK passenger who fell ill and was tested positive in the country.

Officials of France and Spain informed The identified cases in both countries relate to people who have come from the UK in the last few days.

Other countries

Denmark, Australia and Netherlands too informed Registered cases of new virus version.

South Africa Revealed to A new strain similar to the virus found in Britain, which can be linked to increased infection in the country. The variant found in South Africa appears to be different from the one originating in the United Kingdom.

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