French Bulldog Fights Labrador Most Popular Dog In United States – 03/17/2021

French Bulldog Fights Labrador Most Popular Dog In United States - 03/17/2021

The American Bulldogs said the three-decade-old rule of the Labradors would end as the most popular dogs in America, the American Kennel Club said on Tuesday.

Flat-faced dogs, commonly called “French”, were ranked second to fourth in the club’s most popular dog rankings.

Cute dogs with bat-style ears took German shepherds from second place – a position they have occupied since 2009 – to third place.

The French also overtook the Golden Retrievers. Labrador is the most popular purebred in the US until 2020 for the 30th consecutive year, based on records.

But the American Kennel Club said it was only a matter of time when the French Bulldogs took an edge in terms of popularity.

“The playful and adaptable (dog) French has become increasingly popular over the past decade and shows no signs of slowing down,” Executive Secretary Gina DiNardo announced in a press release.

“They seem to be about to end the Labradors’ reign,” he said.

The popularity of the French bulldog, which is usually just 30 centimeters long and weighs less than 12 kilograms, has increased due to celebrities.

Last month, two French bulldogs from Lady Gaga were stolen by armed robbers in Los Angeles, before she was found after offering $ 500,000 to return safely.

The American Kennel Club list does not include mixed breeds.

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