Germany begins returning to Benin Bronze in Nigeria in 2022 World

Germany begins returning to Benin Bronze in Nigeria in 2022 World

a Germany Intends to introduce back part of the historical artifacts known as Bronzes de Benin On Nigeria The following year, the German government made the announcement on Thursday (27).

The movement follows the trend of other nations returning the plundered remains to their original places during the colonial era.

The pieces were removed from the empire of Benin – present-day southwestern Nigeria – in 1897 by the British Army, which controlled the region.

The plaque, with 16th and 18th century busts and statues, was decorated in the royal palace in Benin and is actually made of a copper alloy – as the name does not say.

Germany’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture issued a joint statement in which they say they advocate “maximum transparency” in the restoration process.

“We want to contribute to establishing a common understanding and harmony with the descendants of those deprived of their cultural treasures in times of colonialism,” the note says.

The Ethnographic Museum in Berlin holds over 500 historical artifacts from the Kingdom of Benin in its collection, most of which are bronze.

Last month, the Scottish University of Aberdeen announced the return of one of the bronze pieces (Which shows this report) For Nigeria in the coming weeks.

In late 2020, France approved the return of 26 pieces plundered in 1892 to the former Kingdom of Benin.

Nigeria wants to build a new museum to display the precious bronze – the building is expected to be ready by the end of 2024 and is estimated to cost 3.4 million euros (R $ 22 million).

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