Giro da Tribuna Pelo Esporte: Serrano is already planning to participate in this year’s B1 Series

Giro da Tribuna Pelo Esporte: Serrano is already planning to participate in this year's B1 Series

14 / April 11:53

By Roberto Macrio – Exclusive to Petropolis Tribune

Serrano is already planning for the 2021 season. With the technical committee practically defined – only the official announcement of the new coach will be missing – Interfoot starts thinking about assembling the squad for this season, which is scheduled to begin in September. However, curiosity surrounds whether an experienced artist or group of young people will be assembled.

It is possible that in the coming days there will be news about the replacement of Mourinho Fonseca, who was sacked last December after the team’s maintenance in Series B1. The change, in fact, began with the departure of Mourinho, who was not the only person to leave the club – football manager Alex Arruda would not continue in the current season.

Serrano has tended towards grassroots categories. And the Under-20s, who played against the Fluminense last week, should give good talent to the main team, but at the same time Serrano can rely on the base team made by experienced players, as the goal would be to move up to the series A-2.

The electric portion of the stadium is being finalized

Interfoot continues in his plan to reorder the seventeenth-century Etielio Maroti. The company is completing the electrical network portion of the place – there was only one delay due to postponement of the delivery of the material. The lawn is being modified to prevent flooding like last year. And soon, Bhavya will get a renewal.

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Return of base categories after 19th

As recommended by the Athletes Association, Serrano is scheduled to return to training in the grassroots category after the 19th. It is in Rio de Janeiro. In relation to the petropolis, Interfur stated that as soon as it is possible to continue training, the plan is to begin preparations in the categories of U-11, U-13 and possibly U-15.

Volta Redonda played for coach Serrano

Succeeding in the Carioca Championship, Volta Redonda remains a good moment in regional football, albeit despite a tragic elimination in the final week of the third leg of the Copa do Brasil. Neto Kolucci, the coach who ran Voltaco in the 90s, was a Serrano player who also played in the youth team at the time, who was Ronaldo’s coach.

Torsida said he would push for a better team

The Serrano fan group shows a certain impatience with Serrano for the season. The goal is to put pressure on Interfoot and the club to form a competitive team to reach the A2 series. For this group, Léo da da Serra is in the third division and needs a more experienced team to fight for this year’s title, among other things.

Sports Secretariat secured a place in Itapwa

The Department of Sports, Health Promotion, Youth, Elderly and Leisure (SEPJIL) is now a nucleus in the Municipal Corporation Park in Itapwa. Two physical education professionals support communities in the districts. Actions taken include the mapping of community blocks in the region and Agita Petropolis in Villa Rica, Madame Machado, Valle do Cuiba and soon Pedro do Rio and Benfica.

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Petropolitano on Bader’s training team

Two years ago in the United States, Petropolitan Richard Monasa – a karate man who won important titles in the 90s – joined the MMA athlete’s training team, American Ryan Bader, who competes for Belter. Karate expert Monasa is one of the successful contestants in Uncle Sam’s Land.

Spanish Championship opening round

In a decision after talks with Ufa and Arif (Royal Spanish Football Federation), LaLiga informed that eight matches, corresponding to the 33rd round of the 2020/2021 competition, were initially scheduled for the final Wednesday of this month – 28 – Had gone. Sunday. They are: Getafe CF Vs. Real Madrid – 17h, Levante UD Vs. Villarreal CF – 17H, CA Osuna Vs. Elche CF – 10h, d. Alaves v. SD Huesca – 12:15 pm, Real Sociedad vs Sevilla FC – 10am, Real Betis Vs. Valencia CF – 2:30 PM, Atlético de Madrid vs SD Ibarr – 12:15 pm EKDs CF vs. RC Celta – 2:30 pm.

Avancini has a sneaker auction for the project in the Amazon

The world’s number one, Petropolitan Heinrich Avankini, undisputed talent on the tracks, has been auctioning off his sneakers since last week for the “Pedaling for a Reason” project, which focuses on works in the Amazon region. The public should visit, buy a pair of limited edition socks and wait for the draw, which will take place on 18 May.

Magnelia athlete starts new controversy this Thursday

The next leg of the modern Pentathlon World Cup will continue in Sofia, Bulgaria, and will begin on Thursday with the presence of athletes from Magnolia Danilo Fagundes and Felipe Nascimo running in the European country for the new feud. They both have fencing classes with Guilherme Giffon, the coordinator of the Petropolitan Club.

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Lorite selects the train to Urca – Petropolitan Douglas Lorette leads the training of three men’s basketball teams in Urca, Brazil. This is the squad train for the Pre-Olympic Games, which will take place in Graz, Austria.

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