Greece investigates plane crash that killed Netanyahu trial witness World

Greece investigates plane crash that killed Netanyahu trial witness  World

The government of Greece announced this Tuesday (14) that it would investigate the crash of a private plane on Monday (13) night that killed an Israeli on trial. Benjamin Netanyahu, former prime minister Israel.

A 69-year-old couple Haim and Esther Giron from Tel Aviv died after a Cessna C182 light plane crashed near the airport on the Greek island of Samos.. The identity of the victims was confirmed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Haim Giron, a former deputy director of the country’s communications ministry, was expected to appear in the trial against Netanyahu, according to a spokesman for the country’s prosecutor’s office.

former prime minister of israel Accused of corruption, fraud and abuse of trust and favoring giants of the press In exchange for favorable media coverage.

Netanyahu is accused of “illicitly using” his power as prime minister to “see and obtain undue advantage from media owners in Israel for his personal gain”., according to the Ministry of Public Affairs.

Despite complaints of corruption Netanyahu was the longest-serving prime minister in Israel: Between 1996 to 1999 and between 2009 to 2021.

To remove him from office, an unexpected coalition had to be formed: involving two left-wing parties; two in the center; three from the right; and an arabic (which is part of an Israeli government for the first time). Naftali Bennett is the current Prime Minister.

Ioannis Kondilis, head of the country’s National Air Disaster and Air Safety Investigation Office, says a fisherman “reported a large explosion, followed by a smaller one”.

He also says that the wreckage of the plane is 33 meters deep and will show if the version goes ahead. For this, a team of experts will travel to Samos on Wednesday (15) to inspect the remains of the aircraft.

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