Socialist Prime Minister’s victory in Portugal’s legislative election | World

Socialist Prime Minister's victory in Portugal's legislative election |  World

In power since 2015, the Portuguese Socialist Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, won the preliminary legislative elections held this Sunday (30).

At 21:25 (Brasilia time), 99% of the votes were counted in the election of PortugalCosta’s Socialist Party received 41.63% of the vote, giving the party 112 seats. Then came the Social Democratic Party (PSD), led by Rui Ryo, which won 27.89% of the vote, with 68 seats.

To get an absolute majority in the 230-seat parliament, 116 seats are needed.

Opinion polls also pointed to a technical tie between the two parties.

The far-right, with just over 7% of the vote and 11 seats in parliament, emerged as the third force.

The socialist prime minister expressed pride in “turning the page on budgetary austerity” implemented by the right after the world financial crisis with the historic coalition – called Contraption – formed in 2015 with the parties of the radical left, Bloco de Escardas and went. communist

Portugal’s Prime Minister and Socialist Party (PS) general secretary Antonio Costa waves during a campaign rally for early elections in Lisbon on Friday (28) – Photo: Pedro Nunes / Reuters

But while the minority government aimed to “turn the page on the pandemic” with record vaccination rates and the release of the European Economic Stimulus Fund, its allies rejected the 2022 budget draft, calling for early elections. .

When the polling date was announced three months earlier, the PS had a 13-point lead in the polls over the main opposition formation, the PSD.

“I hope everyone feels safe to vote,” said Costa, who voted last weekend, as did 300,000 voters in an early poll held because of the health crisis.

The level of participation in the elections, held in third, with one Portuguese in quarantine Portugal Another factor was uncertainty during the pandemic.

“I voted for the socialists because we need them in this difficult time,” Manuel Pinto, 68, a former cabinet maker in Lisbon, told AFP.

“The government’s balance sheet isn’t great, but with COVID, one can’t expect much,” said Isabel Rodrigues, 50, a Lisbon resident.

Political scientist Marina Costa Lobo explains, “Despite a certain disillusionment with the Socialist Party, most voters believe that Costa has more capacity and experience to govern than Rio, the 64-year-old economist.” Praised for his honesty and authenticity.”

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