Honored by Davos, Sebastio Salgado defends “peace with the environment” – 01/24/2021

Honored by Davos, Sebastio Salgado defends "peace with the environment" - 01/24/2021

Brazilian photographer Sebastio Salgado used the opening of the World Economic Forum on Sunday to “solidarity” with world leaders, stating that the epidemic should serve as a lesson in how the international community lives needed.

The event, traditionally held in Davos in January, is being held this year by video conference.

Salgado was honored by the stage for his art, but also for his positive role in society. For the organizers, his photographs “sparked a debate about the human condition”.

Asked what his message to the leaders would be, he stressed the need for change. “The most important thing for the human community around the world is solidarity,” he said. “The values ​​of our society are not intellectual or material. But they are essential values ​​like community, solidarity and love,” he said. “These are the values ​​that our mother teaches us. Mother does not teach selfishness,” he said.

His message was still allowed by an environmental concern. “We can all live within a protected planet. We can live in peace with the environment,” he said.

Pointing “humility” to the greatest quality, Salgado emphasized the need to maintain hope and believes that the current crisis should serve as a way to ensure that humanity “better” Can live “.

Biden representative to present environmental ambitions

The organizers put the environment at the center of this year’s event. President Jair Bolsonaro was invited to participate. But he once again opted not to respond to the invitation. In its place, Brazil will be represented with Vice President Hamilton Mauro, who will assume the responsibility of talking about Amazon.

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Apart from him, Chancellor Ernesto Arazzo and the Minister of Economy participated in the debate, Paulo Guedes.

Forum founder Klaus Schwab stated in his opening speech that 2021 would be original. For her, the world is stepping out of a health crisis. But rebuilding would have to be more sustainable. Among the priorities of the “Davos Virtual” debate will be the commitment of governments and companies to reduce CO2 emissions.

If Bolsonaro would not be present, John Kerry’s first participation in the event would be an ambassador for Joe Biden’s government on climate issues and a profound change in the United States’ agenda on environmental issues. He should use this program to declare Biden’s ambition on the climate agenda and make it clear that he will put international pressure on it.

According to the organizers, Alberto Fernandez of Argentina will present plans for his country and will also be chairman of Colombia, Costa Rica and others at the event.

In 2019, Bolsonaro caught the attention of the event in Davos by delivering only a six-minute speech, despite being able to get himself a full season on the main stage of the event.

This year’s virtual meeting will feature Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), who is warning about the lack of cooperation that exists in the world today. WHO (World Health Organization) Director General Tedros Gabaris will also be one of the participants.

The agenda will be strongly marked by an Asian presence. In 2021, for the first time, Asia overtook the West and would assume 50% of world GDP. It is not coincidental that the list of participants includes the President of China, Xi Jinping, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, as well as the leaders of Japan and South Korea.

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Europe will be represented by Chancellor Angela Merkel, from Germany, French Emmanuel Macron, Italian Giuseppe Conte, President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen and Pedro Sánchez from Spain. The Presidents of South Africa, Ghana and Rwanda are confirmed.

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