Hospital Authority advises lockout in France

Hospital Authority advises lockout in France

PARIS (Reuters) – France should impose a Lockdown Nationwide, seeing an increase in Kovid-19 cases, and the longer you wait, the more deaths occur, the head of the emergency unit at a Paris hospital said on Friday.

On Thursday, the government said a new lockdown is not on the agenda and will see next week whether the municipal weekend lockdown will be required in 20 areas considered to be very concerned, including Paris and the surrounding area.

Philip Juvin of George Pompidou, the European hospital in the capital, said, “I don’t understand what we are waiting for. BFM TV reported that the situation is very tense in hospitals in the Paris area.”

“As we get closer to the peak of the epidemic, every day without judgment takes a heavy toll.”

For its part, the Paris city government insists on a proposal to implement a strict three-week lockdown and then consider re-establishing, including bars, restaurants and cultural facilities.

Government spokesman Gabriel Etel said the administration would study the Paris proposal, but expressed some doubts about how effective it would be.

Citing a study, Juvin said that if the French lockdown had started a week earlier from March to May last year, 13,000 lives would have been saved. The study also showed that if the lockdown had been postponed for a week, the death toll would have increased by 53,000.

French health officials reported 25,403 new cases on Thursday, up from 22,501 a week earlier, confirming the disease’s recent rise, mainly because of new variants.

The seven-day new daily moving average is 21,452, the highest in three months. France has the sixth largest figure in the world, with a total of 3,687,000 reported cases, and its 85,582 deaths represent the seventh largest global deaths.

Unlike some of its neighbors, France opposes a new national lockdown to prevent the spread of new, more infectious forms Coronavirus, Is expected to be able to stop the one-night curfew epidemic effective from 15 December.

“We will not survive a new lockdown. And the longer we wait to make that decision, the longer it will last,” Juvin said.

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