How to Download WhatsApp Beta on Mobile (Android and iOS)

How to Download WhatsApp Beta on Mobile (Android and iOS)

If you want to get and test all the features of WhatsApp (Android | iOS | Web), know that it is possible, through the beta program, to make a version of the app available to officially prove functions before it is implemented in Messenger.

And, this is an official method which is given by Facebook, which makes it secure and what has been tested on it, with a high probability that it will be disseminated to the rest of the users. Watch the tutorial on how to download the beta version for your mobile.

how to download whatsapp beta on android mobile

Phase 1: Go to Play Store Messenger Beta Program Link right here.

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Phase 2: If it is enabled, a button will appear with the message “Participate in the tests”. Otherwise, a screen like the one shown below will appear.

Visit the page to sign up for the WhatsApp Test Program (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

how to download whatsapp beta on ios mobile

Phase 1: Go to Testflight website (iOS) and download the app.

Visit Testflight to sign up for the WhatsApp beta (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

Phase 2: Now, just click on the button to open. If available, “Join Trial” will also appear; Otherwise, the below message will be displayed.

If there are no vacancies, this message will be displayed (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

ready! Now you know how to register to receive official news of the most used instant messenger in the world.

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