In Ecuador, Bolsonaro says that he is setting a ‘bad example’ and putting on a mask. Politics

In Ecuador, Bolsonaro says that he is setting a 'bad example' and putting on a mask.  Politics

President preparing for official farewell ceremony in Ecuador on Monday (24) Jair Bolsonaro He commented to advisers that he needed to put a protective mask against Kovid because he was “setting a bad example”.

Bolsonaro was in Ecuador to attend the inauguration ceremony of Guillermo Lasso, the country’s new president. On Ecuador’s earth, They used a mask While descending And during official events. The day before, in Rio de Janeiro, it took a. Caused to pile up Motorcycle trip with supporters, Where he and the ministers of the government did not wear masks.

According to images transmitted by the president’s social network, at the airport in the capital Quito, when arriving in the lobby for the country’s official farewell ceremony, the president did not wear a protective mask. Surrounded by many, all wearing masks, Bolsonaro said:

“Let me put on a mask. I’m setting a bad example here.”

The president often despises the use of masks. They have already questioned the efficiency of masks as a means of protection from contamination by coronaviruses, without giving evidence, which causes Kovid-19.

On Friday (21), Maranho’s government fined Bolsonaro During an event held in Ekelandia, a municipality located 524 km from Sao Luis, amidst the Kovid epidemic to build up the sheaves and not wear a protective mask.

In Rio, until the last update of this report, City Hall had not revealed itself yet On possible punishment for not following state sanitary norms, where the use of masks is required in public places.

In July 2020, Jair Bolsonaro a. Vetoed portions of National Congress-approved project that mandated the use of masks In public areas, the whole national territory. Bolsonaro decided to remove from the text excerpts used in schools, businesses, religious temples, and other places that generate heaps. The veto was overturned by Congress and rules were implemented.

Bolsonaro also constantly criticizes the use of masks as a way to prevent the spread of new coronaviruses.

In August 2020, the president, without presenting any evidence, said the effectiveness of the mask is “almost none”. The announcement was made to supporters who were waiting for him at the entrance to the official residence of Palacio da Alvorada.

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