In one meeting, Pope Francis defends that Biden continues to receive communication

In one meeting, Pope Francis defends that Biden continues to receive communication

after getting Pope Francisco This Friday (29), President America, Joe Biden reported that the pontiff told him he was a “good Catholic” and that he should continue to receive communion.

Biden revealed some of the details of his lengthy talks with the Pope while greeting Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi in Rome.

He met the Pontiff at the Vatican this Friday. The meeting between Biden and members of the US government and the Pope lasted about 90 minutes.

When asked if he had discussed abortion with Francisco, Biden said no. The US President is in Rome for the G20 meetings from tomorrow.

“We just talked about how happy he is that I’m a good Catholic and I’m still getting communion,” Biden said.

American bishops have come forward with a plan that would allow individual bishops to refuse to communicate with politicians who support abortion rights. Francisco took a stand against the movements.

Asked if he discussed the US bishops’ conference with Francis, Biden said: “It’s a private conversation.”

Biden said he did not receive the banquet on Friday, but the Pope blessed his rosary.

This Friday (29) / Photo: Reuters

He said he discussed climate change with Francisco and agreed that leaders “need to be more accountable” in their handling of the crisis. Earlier, Biden said that he and Francisco prayed for each other and for peace.

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