Incidence in refrigeration of dose overshadow in Germany – 12/28/2020

Incidence in refrigeration of dose overshadow in Germany - 12/28/2020

Germany’s Kovid-19 vaccination campaign oversaw an incident in the north and problems with the transport of the vaccine in the south, which led to the withdrawal of 1,000 units.

Some Bavarian districts said they would not use the doses they received over the weekend because they feared the vaccines developed by Pfizer and BioNotech were too hot during their delivery in refrigerated boxes, a spokesperson for the Littenfels district said.

“There was suspicion of maintaining a cold chain at all times,” Lichtenfels district administrator Christian Meissner told Reuters TV.

The vaccine, which uses a new technology called messenger RNA, would need to be stored at ultra-low temperatures at about -70 ° C before being sent to distribution centers in dry ice refrigeration boxes designed for this purpose. is.

Once out of ultra-cold storage, the vaccine needs to be kept between 2 andC and 8 toC to function for five days. Cooling boxes made by Pfizer have GPS trackers so that companies can deal with potential storage problems along the way.

Although BioNTech takes responsibility for transportation to ultra-cooler hubs, it is up to local authorities to provide safe and refrigerated transport to each vaccination center.

In some cases with transient temperatures in excess of 15ºC, vaccines such as Lichtenfels, Coburg, Cronach, Kulmbach, Hof, Bayruth, and Vuncidel arrived in the picnic box.

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