India sets new record of Kovid-19 cases for the 4th consecutive day

India sets new record of Kovid-19 cases for the 4th consecutive day

a India Registered Is 349.691 Matters of COVID-19 In 24 hours and defeated a gloomy world record, which already belongs to the country, for the 4th consecutive day, this Sunday (25).

As a result, according to data from the Indian Ministry of Health, there are now 16.9 million infections from new coronaviruses and 192,311 deaths (2,767 recorded in the last 24 hours) in India.

India is in the worst position in the epidemic. In New Delhi, the country’s capital, hospitals have collapsed. In one, security guards are preventing people from entering because rooms are not available. One 17-year-old said the only thing he could do for his father was to “watch him die” in the queue (View report here) Belongs to.

New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Sunday that the city would remain closed till May 3.

In March, the Indian government said it was in the “final phase” of the epidemic and easing restrictive measures, but, for experts, the decision was made too soon and ignored warnings about a growing wave of cases Went.

According to scientist Gautam Menon, in an interview with Deutsche Vale Agency, a combination of factors led to the current Indian humanitarian disaster, which was preventable.

Menon said, “The negligence of citizens and officials allowed everyone to defend themselves. The outbreak of potential reforms increased due to the loss of antibodies and the emergence of new variants.”

Secretary of State for America, Antony blinken, Announced on saturday night (24) That the country plans to send aid to India. In a social network, Blinken wrote that Americans are working with their “partners” in the Indian government.

“Our heart is with the Indian people in the midst of a terrible Kovid-19 outbreak. We are working closely with our partners in the Government of India and will send help to the people of India and the health workers of India as quickly as possible.” “, Blinken said.

No details have been released as to what will be the assistance. According to the Reuters Agency, a White House spokesman said that the United States is very concerned about India’s situation and that more information will be revealed “soon”.

Reuters, a representative of the Indian embassy in Washington, US, also stated that the purpose of the negotiations between the countries is to guarantee a small supply of inputs and components from US companies for the production of vaccines against Kovid-19 in India. “.

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