India sets world record for new cases of Kovid for the fifth straight day National newspaper

India sets world record for new cases of Kovid for the fifth straight day National newspaper

India broke the world record of new cases from Kovid for the fifth consecutive day: more than 350,000 infections occurred in 24 hours.

A doctor in New Delhi said that breathing has become a luxury in the capital of India. This statement is not strange for those who monitor beds and lack of oxygen in hospitals.

Whether the cylinders are missing or because the high demand reduces the pressure of the available ones, the respirators stop working and oxygen supply is sometimes manual.

Relatives beg the place for the infected. Some hospitals have already asked families to pack a cylinder for the patient.

An oxygen factory explained that as production is drying up, supplies are in short supply. The manager says that the hospitals have left the middlemen and now call him directly.

Government of India is sending oxygen by train where the cylinders are empty or almost there. The goods reach 150 thousand tons.

Some even envisage traveling hundreds of kilometers behind hospitals where supplies are still available. An infected woman’s nephew said she called 911, but no one arrived. She was aunt’s ambulance.

The Indian government has issued Hindu festivals for example – the major religion in the country. These clusters occur when the average average of infections exceeds 320 thousand per day, with countless underreporting and over 2,300 deaths.

India has one of the largest immunization programs in the world, but has only administered a dose of 140 million anti-Kovid vaccines – simply because it represents a tenth of the population of about 1.4 billion people.

The government funeral, the last rites, is evident in the part of Hindu funerals. Crematoriums are overloaded and some are forced to perform mass cremations in non-vegetarian places, without traditional ceremonies. Smoke does not come out of the sky.

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