Indian townspeople are surprised by ‘fish rain’

Piexes 'fall from the sky' over Indian city

A curious incident was recorded in the Jagtial region (Telangana state, India) last week: “It rained fish” During a monsoon storm.

Photos posted on social media show Many fish collect them on the floors of streets and roads as residents drenched in heavy rain,

Pics ‘fall from the sky’ over Indian city Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

Resident collects fish 'fell from the sky' in India
Resident collects fish that ‘fell from the sky’ in India Photo: Breeding

The region has faced heavy rains and floods in recent weeks after 12 districts issued a red alert for five days. National roads have been flooded, causing problems for emergency services trying to reach devastated towns and cities, APB Live reports.

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“Rain of the Beasts” occurs when Small aquatic animals such as frogs, crabs and small fish are carried away by water bodies,

The event was repeated for two days (8 and 9/7). This could happen again in the next few days, as new storms are expected.

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