iOS 15! Know the latest updates on your iPhone

iOS 15!  Know the latest updates on your iPhone

during a WWDC21 In July, Apple introduced new versions of its platforms, among them, iOS 15, which came with a focus on shared experiences.

The system took the whole matter into its own hands due to social distancing. global pandemic And offers a range of features to physically separate users, making it possible, amid the novelty, to even listen to music or watch series together.

right after Launching of new iPhones, From According to wccftechApple revealed that the final version of its mobile platform is already coming to all compatible devices. On this 20th September.

Let’s recall the main news coming to the mobile platform, one of them promising an even more interesting user experience, even the possibility of using FaceTime on Windows and Android.

increased privacy

A big focus of iOS 15 was privacy. Apple is determined to strengthen the security of its data by giving users more control over their information.

On iOS 15, speech recognition is now done on the device itself. The Mail app’s privacy protections prevent user IP addresses from falling into DeepWeb databases that expose leaked data through security holes.

iOS 15 will also introduce something called the App Privacy Report, which will allow users to determine which apps will have access to specific permissions that expire after 7 days, unless the user can decide whether Whether to give the app full access to those people or not. Future.

icloud plus

Apple’s cloud storage service will change its name to Paid Subscribers and will be renamed iCloud Plus.

This will allow users access to some unique features like an additional layer of privacy that will prevent websites from accessing the user’s real IP address.


It is an innovative way to share multimedia content consumption with friends, colleagues and family, allowing video, music and almost any type of content displayed on a mobile screen to be segmented, in an unconventional way (however, very welcome) communication.

This feature will not only work with iPhone but also with Mac and iPad. You can watch a movie or series on Netflix/Disney+, or listen to a song on Apple Music while chatting with someone via iMessage.

what’s new for facetime

The FaceTime app will include a spatial audio feature, allowing users to hear sounds more naturally during multi-party conferences, as if they were actually between people.

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In addition, voice recognition will be improved machine learning, Filtering out ambient noise and managing to focus on the participants’ voices.

Still in the news, we will have the possibility to blur the background of the call in portrait mode and, finally, to invite Android and Windows users to interact, through links that can be accessed in the browser

more attention while working from home

Knowing that, due to the pandemic, the home office work model has become a reality for many users, Apple has included iOS 15 new features that allow more control of notifications and even a “focus” mode. gives.

On iOS 15, notifications will be organized so that the user can do what’s most important, such as a conversation. A redesign with a modern layout is enough to complement the experience.

The platform also offers Focus and Do Not Disturb modes, the former allowing the user to configure different profiles, such as one focused on work and one focused on personal life, in both scenarios without unnecessary distractions. terminates.

The second, as the name implies, will send an automatic message in iMessage when you can’t answer a call, something very convenient when we are busy.

live text

Similar to a feature offered by Google in the Lens app, it allows users to copy text within a photo, web image or screenshot, making it easy to type in phone numbers, addresses, and more.

News for Photos App

The Photos app on iOS 15 will get even more interesting – that’s because users will be able to find images directly from a search through Spotlight.

It would be possible, for example, to search for images taken in a certain country or city, or even search for specific objects shown in photos and also the text in images with the help of LiveText can be searched.

Apple will include a new feature in Photos called Memories that will allow users to create slides and add music from their photo collections, creating a sort of “soundtrack album.” A new way to share your travel memories, who knows?

Remodeled Weather App

visual lookup

Similar to Google Lens, this app will allow users to use their smartphone’s camera to discover more information about objects, nature, animals, artwork, landscapes and more.

Machine learning techniques will make it possible to quickly identify what is being focused on, to help the user with relevant information.

New Services for Wallet

The Wallet app on iOS can serve as a key for certain cars, hotel rooms (for corporate partners), badges, and even save identification documents, making it easier to check-in or secure Checking becomes easy, for example while traveling.

Safari Upgrade

The original iOS browser, as in macOS 12, has been completely redesigned with a more modern layout. The Address tab has been moved to the bottom of the screen and will automatically hide when the user scrolls down, leaving even more room to enjoy browsing.

In addition, the browser will gain the ability to create groups of tabs and handle extensions, just like its desktop version.

powered apple maps

iOS 15 brings Apple Maps even closer to Google Maps in terms of usability. Now, it will be possible to trace navigation routes in globe view (just like Google Earth).

Details such as charges, bike routes, traffic jams and new roads have also been highlighted. Those who use public transport on a day-to-day basis will also be able to mark their favorite lines to know exactly when to get off.

Apple Maps now also adopts augmented reality technology, allowing, for example, the iPhone to be used to scan buildings and find better routes to a particular destination.

shared with you

This is another feature that will allow the user to find multimedia content on iOS more quickly. Anything sent to you by people you know will be far more accessible.


app sade

The health app will now analyze the collected data, providing more important information for other family members or even doctors.


The Kasa app has received some user experience enhancements, allowing Siri to better integrate with third-party devices, and access information on them more easily.

The app was also equipped with a package detection feature, which is perfect for those who have smart bells with security cameras. It will be possible, for example, to receive notifications as soon as the order is delivered to your door.


The Apple Translate app has been enhanced to deliver a more fluid user experience when converting text from one language to another or assisting the user in conversation.

better access

VoiceOver improvements will make the iPhone experience even more seamless and easier for people with disabilities.

Notes with hashtags and more

With a new design, the Notes app will allow the use of user-generated hashtags that can help with the classification of notes, organizing them in a simpler way.

You can also notify other people about changes to shared annotations, letting them know about the latest changes to documents.

new widgets

Widgets for Search, App Store, Today, Sleep, Game Center, People, and many other apps have been improved with interesting improvements to make the user experience even more intuitive.

Games: Support more joysticks

If you love playing games on iPhone, iOS 15 will be a very welcome update. In addition to including support for the latest Xbox and PS5 joysticks, it will also offer on-screen virtual joystick capability to take gaming to another level.


These are the iPhone models that should get the update iphone 13 series The system will already be pre-installed at the factory:

These were some of the main new features of the new platform, which should reach all compatible iPhones in the next few hours. Edition release candidate Now being distributed to developers and participants of the public beta program.

As always, we recommend that you back up your important data before installation, as well as ensure that the device is connected to Wi-Fi to avoid bursting your mobile data package.

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