iOS 15: What to expect from the next version of Apple’s system?

iOS 15: What to expect from the next version of Apple’s system?

Only one month before the presentation of the Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 (WWDC), Scheduled to be from 7 to 11 juneExpectations about the news are increased Apple Will showcase software developers and their consumers. The main theme should be the launch of new versions of the operating system of its devices, traditionally performed by the company at this time of year.

According to rumors, iOS 15 should introduce several new features this year, such as changes to the control center and the appearance of the interface, with a view inspired by MacOS Big Sur, new system features, Touch ID on the “iPhone 13” screen, iMessage And enhancement of performance improvement.

Hey Canaltech A list of major changes to be announced in WWDC21 for Apple’s new operating system.

WWDC21 will bring key new features of Apple’s operating system – Disclosure / Apple

iOS 15: compatible iPhone

New iOS updates usually include a long list of older generations, guaranteeing the durability of iPhone models launched a few years ago.

This time, there are forecasts that Apple will prioritize devices with processors from the A10 Fusion, which are present in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the 6th generation iPad and the 7th generation iPod touch. This means that devices like iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and SE will not be supported with iOS 15.. We show the list of compatible iPhone:

iOS 15: What’s New in Control Center

Apple intends to pay full attention to the Control Center in the next iOS update. Starting from the visual aspect, it should be more compact and have a design inspired by macOS Big Sur with the ability to draw compositions according to the user’s organization.

IOS 15 control center may be inspired by MacOS Big Sur

In addition, the control center should have new features that integrate the lock screen. One of the novelties is how the user will handle notifications with a new menu, which will give personalized and simplified options.

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This function is expected to determine the conditions by which the system handles information, whether driving, working or sleeping, for example, to allow or block audio alerts And still sending automated responses in every situation. It will also be possible to optimize the situation, making the solution simpler and with more than one possibility existing in iOS 14.

Visual changes must also occur throughout the system, redesigning menus and icons that must be “flat” low to present shading and 3D perspective.

iOS 15: Always On Display M Telus Super Retina E Super Retina XDR

Always on display is a very useful feature for OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens and is expected to debut on iPhones. For unfamiliar people, this feature takes advantage of the benefits of this display category for displaying information, application information, time, date. drum And other possibilities to keep the screen off.

Always On Display displays feature notifications and takes advantage of OLED screen technology to conserve smartphone power – Image: Playback / EverythalePro

Currently, the iPhone still carries the conventions of the LCD screen and displays the entire screen upon receiving any information or notifications from the device. The novelty of Always On Display is welcome and iPhone batteries with Super Retina and Super Retina XDR technology should be saved.

iOS 15: Dual Authentication by Face ID and Touch ID

Targeting user safety and practicality, Apple plans to have another biometric authentication option on the iPhone. This time, rumors suggest that the return of the fingerprint reader, Touch ID, will be announced, which will work with Face ID on the new Apple smartphone.

This means that iOS should have dual biometric authentication for its applications and third party people. For example, this innovation is useful to provide more security for applications with sensitive data such as banking, which will have an additional layer of protection against fraud. Fingerprint authentication should be integrated with the “iPhone 13” display with a wider field of recognition and quick response.

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One of the main features of the iPhone 13 is integrated into the Touch ID screen – Image: reproduction / WHP

The component used is expected to be the second generation of Qualcomm’s “3D Sonic Sensor”. According to experts, the sensor will take advantage of the new iPhone’s new processor to make the process more efficient than the current format present on Android devices.

iOS 15: More Privacy Features

After making a major change in privacy policies in iOS 14.5, Apple intends to implement new features that will allow the device to collect user data in an even more transparent way. A new menu in development will reveal which applications are silently storing sensitive data.

There are still thousands of applications that use specialized trackers to collect and share data, including the user’s phone number and location. New feature is being developed to ease this practice and make us more aware of the behavior of apps on iPhone.

iOS 15: iPadOS revision

The iPad received a major update of its line with the presentation of the new iPad Pro last month during the Spring Loaded event. It is anticipated that iPadOS 15 will also be released with several new implementations in the software. First, Apple is planning the most significant change to the home screen since launching the first iPad in 2010.

One of the new features of the iPhone on iOS 14, the widget will appear anywhere on the screen, with interactions on iPadOS 15, displaying times, reminders, stock exchange quotes, other information.

Other new features for iPadOS are expected to appear as WWDC21 approaches.

iOS 15: iMessage is compatible with other devices

Apple plans to increase the range of active users in the messaging app. The iMessage feature, which instant messenger is compatible only between Apple devices, is expected to act more like social media and compete directly WhatsApp.

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Rumors have not yet clarified what changes will be introduced to the application, but it is possible to imagine that the messenger eventually interacts with Android devices and covers even more communication with other companies’ devices .

iOS 15: beta release

The first beta version of the new iOS is traditionally released to developers on the same day the system is announced at WWDC. If you are enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, an Apple program that gives special benefits to software developers, you will be guaranteed to get it first hand.

For versions released to the general public, Apple typically takes about two to three weeks, once the operating system is at least usable, without major bugs that compromise testers’ experience of use. is. IOS bets still have bugs and other issues in common, so avoid using them on your main device.

Source: McGuire Wood, iSoft, Bloomberg

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