iPhone 14 still uses A15 Bionic chip and the line could be renamed according to analyst

iPhone 14 still uses A15 Bionic chip and the line could be renamed according to analyst

Ming-Chi Kuo, famous for killing rumors about Apple, claims that the Pro version will use the A16 version of the chip, while the other versions will still use the A15 Bionic processor.

The iPhone has long had different models, but with differences in size, construction materials, and cameras. If the rumor is confirmed, there could also be a performance difference in the 2022 line.

The analyst also claims that Apple will continue with its annual cycle of chip improvements, but only for the Pro model. However, he believes that all the models will come with 6GB of memory.

According to him, the Pro version will use LPDDR5 while the others will have LPDDR 4X. It is worth remembering that the first has data reading with better efficiency and can result in battery savings of up to 30%.

Ming-Chi Kuo also explains that the company will change the way the line is named. According to him, Apple will call the Pro models the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, while the other models will be the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max. The size should also be the same, with a 6.1-inch screen on the regular versions and a 6.7-inch screen for the Max variants.

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recently, Another rumor suggests that the iPhone 14 Pro should have a new tablet design and a “huge” notch with a hole in the screen,

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