Is Android right that the iPhone is so wrong

Is Android right that the iPhone is so wrong

Only better on Android notifications.

And this week, Google (Google) Increases the gap between Android and iOS When it introduced Android 11 new smartphone operating system makes it easy to manage your phone’s most annoying, intrusive thing.

Notifications in Android 11 are now divided into three categories: chat, notifications, and mute. From the outside – WhatsApp, Messenger, Text, DM, etc., it keeps the most important things in front and center.

Android 10 Kinda, Sorta got it by rearranging your messages. When you pull down from the top of your screen in Android 10, instead of looking at your notifications in the order you received, you’ll see them in the order Google’s artificial intelligence thinks you’ll want to see them. They often – but not always – text and talk at the top. Excluding conversations, however, Android notifications make a lot of AI guessing while simplifying navigation.

But this is not the best part of the Android 11 notification update. Google has also created a new way to communicate with your friends and family, so you no longer have to search back in that conversation when your buddy text returns. Chat bubbles are Android’s new method of making conversations more fluid.

Instead of publishing chat notifications at the top of your screen, Android overlays your screen with a small bubble with a photo of your buddy to hide them in the notification bar. The bubble will display the text of your friend’s notifications, and you can tap to enhance the conversation or reply. But, conveniently, it doesn’t leave the app you’re in, so you can continue watching YouTube videos of water-skiing wet.

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It comes on top of all the other notifications Goodies Android has already given us: you can snooze the notifications you want to see later but can’t get now. You can long press a notification to manage how that app is bugged – you even get a “silent” notification that you can only see if you pull down the notification shade.

“Of course, there are a lot of adaptations that can get complicated very quickly,” he said. Notifications are requested to “turn on” or “turn off” the iPhone (you can do this, even in Android.)

Google Maps has quietly rolled out one of its most sought after features.  Given

But many people talk on our phones. News alerts, text messages, your friend’s Instagram photos, Tic Tac Toe videos, YouTube subscriptions … all of these disrupt our day, and can infiltrate if not properly managed.

You may feel like you don’t need to see a CNN alert right away (if you do) – snooze it. Or mute Facebook alerts so you can pick up when you can. But if you want your phone to ring every time your mom sends you an email through her mahjong group … Android will assure you when she will.

Every year, Android tweets and handles notifications. Apples (AAPL)On the contrary, it has never been great. In iOS 12, Apple finally lets people collect group notifications – a long-awaited feature that puts all of an app’s notifications into one. But they are still in order. And without a notification bar, you can’t get an overview of why your iPhone is bothering you. Instead, you’ll have to look around to see which app has the dot on it – or swipe from the top corner to see all your notifications.

The annoying thing is that iPhone owners have to swipe and then tap to reject personal notifications (you can’t swipe them like Android). And this week, this obvious Android benefit has gotten even better: if you dismiss a notification too quickly, Android has developed a notification history setting that lets you view every notification your phone receives – rejects or more. .

So, of course, there are Many, many reasons You might want to consider buying an iPhone on an Android phone. But if notifications draw you to the wall, Android has the best solution to make your smartphone a little less intrusive for your day.

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