Israel’s Parliament Confirms New Government Coalition, Removes Netanyahu From Power world

Israel's Parliament Confirms New Government Coalition, Removes Netanyahu From Power  world

On Sunday (13), Israel began a new phase in its history, when a vote in parliament confirmed a “coalition of change” in power to overthrow Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Knesset met in a special session for the opposition leader, centrist Yair Lapid and radical right-wing chief Naftali Bennett, to present the team for the new government, which was then approved in a vote. Bennett is the new prime minister.

Commentator for, In Evaluation of the Guga Chakra globenewsThis should not be the end of Benjamin Netanyahu’s career. See comment:

Guga Chakra analyzes Benjamin Netanyahu's defeat in Israel

Guga Chakra analyzes Benjamin Netanyahu’s defeat in Israel

The alliance is quite heterogeneous, as it consists of:

  • two leftist parties;
  • two center parties;
  • three right-wing parties;
  • An Arab party for the first time in an Israeli government.

The front was formed with the main objective of removing Netanyahu and needed a strong majority with 60 votes in favour, 59 votes against and one abstention.

Netanyahu, 71, The trial is going on for a year on suspicion of corruption. Protests have been going on for months demanding his resignation. The last time was Saturday night.

In front of his official residence in Jerusalem, protesters waited for a vote in parliament to celebrate the “fall” of Netanyahu’s nickname “King Bibi”, who was head of government from 1996 to 1999 and again from 2009 to 2021. .

“The only thing that Netanyahu I wanted to divide us one section of society against another, but tomorrow we will be united, right, left, Jew, Arab”, said Ophir Robinsky, a protester.

Benjamin Netanyahu at the session of Parliament where his resignation as Prime Minister was confirmed – Photo: Reuters / Ronen Zvulun

The new coalition would be led for the first two years by Bennett, the head of the right-wing Yamina party, and then by Yair Lapid for the same period.

Netanyahu’s Likud party committed to a “peaceful transition of power” after more than two years of political crisis with four elections, the results of which did not allow the formation of a government or lead to national unity lasting only a few months. did not do.

After the last legislative elections in March, the opposition rallied against Netanyahu and was surprised to win the support of liberal leader Mansoor Abbas’s Arab-Israeli Ram party.

Bennett promised, “The government will work for the entire population, religious, secular, ultra-Orthodox, Arab, without exception.”

Traces of light from Israel’s anti-missile system intercepting rockets launched from the Gaza Strip, seen from Ashkelon – Photo: Reuters / Amir Cohen

“The population deserves a responsible and effective government that puts the country’s well-being first of its priorities,” said Lapid, who is expected to become foreign minister.

Coalition has promised to get the matter investigated 45 Orthodox died in a tragedy on the Monte Meron pilgrimage, reduce “crime” in Arab cities and protect the rights of LGBT people.

For the Guga chakra, the alliance is fragile and will have difficulty sustaining itself in the long run. See comment:

Guga Chakra assesses that the new coalition in Israel will be weak

Guga Chakra assesses that the new coalition in Israel will be weak

For the Guga chakra, the alliance is fragile and will have difficulty sustaining itself in the long run. See comment:

But it aims to strengthen Israel’s presence in Area C of the West Bank, which Israel has full military and civilian control over and which represents about 60% of the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967.

The government, which includes for the first time a party representing the Arab minority, which makes up 21% of Israel’s population, Large-scale plans to avoid drastic changes on controversial international issues such as policy towards the PalestiniansTo focus on home improvements.

With little prospect of progress toward resolving the long-running conflict with Israel, many Palestinians are likely to remain unaffected by the change of government, adding that Bennett will likely follow a similar agenda to Netanyahu.

This seems to be Israel’s main security concern with respect to Iran. Bennett’s spokesman said he promised “strong opposition” to any US withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, but that he would like to cooperate with the government of US President Joe Biden.

There will be no shortage of challenges for the new government, such as a planned march by Israel on Tuesday in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian Territory, East Jerusalem.

The Islamic movement Hamas, in power in Gaza, a Palestinian enclave under Israeli blockade, has threatened to retaliate if this march takes place near the Esplanade of Mosques, in the context of extreme tensions over the Israeli colony in Jerusalem. Will go

On 10 May, Hamas fired a rocket salvo into Israel in “solidarity” with Palestinians wounded in a clash with Israeli police in Jerusalem, leading to 11 days of conflict with the Israeli military.

The conflict ended in a ceasefire encouraged by Egypt, but negotiations to reach a permanent ceasefire failed. Resolving this situation will be another challenge for the executive.

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