Italian Prime Minister resigns | world

Italian Prime Minister resigns |  world

Prime Minister’s Italy, Giuseppe Conte, surrendered the presidential resignation on Tuesday (26). He was in power since 2018.

Cone Already announced Who will submit his resignation.

President Sergio Materella will speak with party leaders on Wednesday on how to resolve the political crisis.

Materala hopes that Conte will be given a mandate to form the new government, with more support in Parliament.

Italy faces political crisis after resignation of two ministers

Cone Lost his majority in the Senate last week, When the center party Italia Vivaireu, led by former Prime Minister Mateo Renzi, left the government on a dispute over how to deal with the coronovirus crisis and the economic downturn.

One of Renezi’s main complaints is that Conte made decisions about the epidemic based on reports from technicians who had not been elected without passing Parliament.

Conte learned that he was not supported in Congress while trying to get nominations from his government.

Conte’s efforts to attract government officials to center and independent senators were unsuccessful.

Earlier, the Prime Minister’s MPs in his coalition warned that he would be defeated in Parliament this week in a vote on a report on the judicial system, which can only be avoided by resigning.

It is not Conte resigned for the first time. In 2019, he lost a majority of the Congress after the League, a far-reaching party that formed the governing coalition, filed a no-confidence motion.

He was brought back to power nine days later, when he succeeded in forming a coalition that included the Center-Left rival 5 Star Movement (M5E) and Democratic Party (PD) parties.

Thus, new elections were avoided that year.

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