Japan sets Covid case record for second day, extends state of emergency to 4 more regions World

Japan sets Covid case record for second day, extends state of emergency to 4 more regions  World

hey Japan This Friday (30) made a record of Kovid-19 cases for the second consecutive day and decided to keep four more areas of the country in it. Emergency stiuation In view of the dire nature of the pandemic in the country.

Capital Tokyo, headquarter olympics and registering Infected records in recent days, was already at this emergency level from the beginning of july.

The measure will take effect from Monday (2) to 31 August in Osaka, Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama – the latter, one of the football sub-hosts at these Olympic Games.

Check out 5 points about the Delta variant

Check out 5 points about the Delta variant

The Japanese state of emergency is very modest compared to containment measures adopted in other countries: it only restricts the operation of bars and restaurants, prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages and recommends remote work.

Japan epidemic numbers

10,684 cases of Kovid-19 have been registered in Japan in the last 24 hours, according to “Our World in Data”, a project involving the University of Oxford. Until then, the country had never confirmed more than 10,000 infected a day.

Despite the rise in infections, the country has managed to avoid an explosion in the number of deaths, as seen in other countries.. The country confirmed 14 deaths this Friday, well below the record 248 Covid-19 victims recorded on January 1.

But vaccination is still going slow. So far more than 38% of the population has received at least one dose, and only 27% are fully immunized.

The percentages are above the world average (27% and 14%, respectively), but far below countries such as Uruguay (73% and 62%), the United Kingdom (68% and 55%) and Israel (66% and 62%).

coronavirus in olympics

People walk in front of the Olympic Ring on Sunday (25) in Tokyo, Japan – Photo: Eugene Hoshiko/AP Photo

A balance sheet released by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) this Friday shows that there were 198 cases of coronavirus among people related to the Tokyo Olympics, including 25 athletes or coaches.

Everyone involved in the incident is tested on a daily basis, and the positivity rate – that is, the percentage of positive tests in relation to the number of tests performed – remains below 0.1%.

on Thursday (29) Australia’s athletics team has been quarantined After some athletes came into contact with a jumper from the United States, Sam Kendrick, who was caught with COVID-19 and was ruled out of competition.

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