Jason Momoa aka Aquaman urges youth to end irresponsibility and protect the oceans

(crédito: Reprodução/Twitter @ONUNews)

Vicente Nunes – Correspondent

Posted on 06/26/2022 17:13 / Updated on 06/26/2022 17:16

    (Credit: Playback/Twitter @ONUNews)

(Credit: Playback/Twitter @ONUNews)

Lisbon, Portugal – American actor Jason Momoa, who immortalized the superhero Aquaman in cinema, this Sunday (26/06) made an emotional appeal to youth to protect the oceans, which are fundamental to the planet’s climate balance. He took part in a meeting with 150 youth on the Carcavallos beach, 25 kilometers from Lisbon, in the pre-opening of the Oceans Conference promoted by the United Nations (UN), which begins on Monday (27/06) and 1 Will last till July. ,

“We are committed to protecting the oceans, where water begins and ends its journey,” he said during the Youth and Innovation Forum. “The time to act is now to correct the mistakes of the past. We have to stop with the times of irresponsibility”, he said. “Our oceans have problems. We combine ambition, dedication and hope that we can change the outcome”, he said.

Momoa received the nature baton from Peter Thompson, the UN special envoy for the oceans, as part of the conference. The actor said that “this milestone has already traveled the world and will continue its journey as an enduring symbol for leaders”. And he pledged, “with respect, admiration and humility, to join the United Nations family, to undertake the “important task of managing, protecting and preserving the sea and all living beings”.

The actors will take part in the convention, the main debate of which will be held at the Arena Altis, in the Parque das Nacos. The ocean, highlighted by the United Nations, is the largest ecosystem on the planet, providing livelihoods for billions of people. But all that wealth is in danger. The oceans are at great risk, as they have become huge piles of waste, especially plastic.

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