Joe Bain will receive the President’s daily briefing after approval by the White House US News

Joe Biden

An administration official said the White House had approved Biden to begin receiving daily intelligence reports from the president.

The bulletin, called the President’s Daily Brief, contains a collection of classified intelligence reports prepared daily to provide the US leader with updates on major security threats around the world.

This comes as another sign Donald Trump Mr Biden is stepping down from running for office – and a day later when he asked his team to co-operate with the incoming administration.

He said on Monday that he was Given the green light The head of the General Services Administration (GSA) to move forward to continue the change.

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The US President-elect is naming his top team, which covers many parts of US history.

GSA is responsible for a wide range of services that allow the US government to operate, from building and transportation management to IT, financial services, supply chains and human resources.

Despite the change, the incumbent has vowed to continue fighting the election, repeatedly refusing to accept it and admitting defeat.

Mr Trump has claimed that widespread voter fraud earlier this month had led to the final results but never failed to provide evidence.

Earlier on Tuesday President-elect Has announced the first election of its cabinet, which includes several first things for the United States.

April Haynes She was named the first person to hold the post of director of the National Intelligence Agency Alejandro MayorkasHe will be the first Latino and immigrant to head the Department of Homeland Security.

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John CareyThe former Secretary of State has been appointed the country’s first weather envoy – a full-time role focused entirely on tackling climate change.

Other appointments include Anthony Blinken For Secretary of State Linda Thomas Greenfield As US Ambassador to the United States, and Jack Sullivan As National Security Advisor.

“It’s a team that demonstrates the fact that America is back, ready to lead the world, not backing down, once again sitting at the table, fighting its opponents and its allies. “We are not ready to reject, our values ​​are ready to stand,” Biden said in his announcement.

He then promised to undertake the “America First” strategy adopted by his predecessor and instead sought to move closer to working with America’s allies.

“Let’s start with that,” he said: “To heal America and the world together.”

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